Have you ever wanted to put food or merchandise entitlements on a card as part of your move to a cashless environment?  It’s certainly much simpler to deal with than printing tickets for the guest to redeem at another location in your facility.  Our latest release, CenterEdge Advantage 12.1, makes this a quick any easy process.  Plus, product entitlements are a great way to increase revenue by offering add-ons to your packages at admission.

For example, say that you want to offer a pepperoni pizza entitlement as part of an enhanced admission package.  Often, the guest doesn’t want the pizza then, they’ll pick it up at a later time when they’re hungry.  Before, you would have your point of sale software print a ticket for the entitlement they could redeem at the counter.  This was useful, but created some difficulties.  For example, the customer might lose the ticket.  Also, you would need to count tickets at the end of the shift to prevent employee theft.

Now, with CenterEdge Advantage 12.1 you can simply create a pass type in the system valid for one pizza, or a choice of pizzas, or any other combination of entitlements from retail merchandise to another admission tomorrow.  Instead of printing a ticket, your cashier will swipe a card, and the entitlement is quickly available on a much more secure card.  When the customer is ready to redeem their entitlement, the card ensures that they really have the entitlement, and prevents employee theft.

As a bonus, it runs through your point of sale as a transaction, so it keeps your inventory levels accurate.  Card based entitlements are also especially useful if you are operating a cashless environment using arcade debit cards, since customers will likely already have a card in hand.

For more information about other new features, please refer to our CenterEdge Advantage 12.1 Release Information.  As always, we continue to improve our product, so any and all user feedback is appreciated.

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