Leading Industry Solutions, Linked Seamlessly

Integrations that Help You Be Nimble…& Quick

Consolidated Data

External tools, fully linked to your internal database for integrated reporting.

Seamless Experience

Tools for smooth processes that eliminate purchase barriers and reduce friction.

Best of Both Worlds

Combine best-in-breed solutions to curate the perfect business toolset.

Bridging the Gaps

With ways to seamlessly tie the top cashless systems with your unique data, connect to accounting software, and leverage tools like kitchen displays, lockers, and more, you’ll have everything you need to set yourself up for success no matter what your location offers. Power up your system, stay connected to your data, and unlock new levels of efficiency by selecting the third party resources that make the most sense.

Custom Meets Customizable

Cashless Integrations

Your platform, your rules: craft your card ecosystem

Join forces with the leading cashless system of your choice while harnessing the revenue management capabilities of CenterEdge. Configure cards or wristbands to work with time play, privilege play, bonus points, or value, and enjoy the benefits of doing it all with a single inventory management toolset. Smooth integrations with purpose-built game room and attraction card readers and detailed reporting that populates right alongside the rest of your data mean you’re always on top of your game.


Accounting Integrations

Simple solutions that solve complex accounting needs

Manage your finances like a pro with Advantage’s accounting tools. With options to export accounting data, map G/L numbers, and create an extensive array of reports, Advantage is the perfect partner to whatever accounting solution you prefer. With everything you need to move smoothly between multiple applications, you can stay on top of your numbers like you always have.

Other Third Party Integrations

Integrations for your most unique business needs

Be one of a kind. The combination of needs for a particular location vary, but chances are, CenterEdge has a solution to meet almost any business goal. Whether you want to manage access by turnstile, rent out lockers, market to the masses, or provide the best tools for your food and beverage success, we have a toolset that fits. Whatever your need, we’ve made managing it all from one place possible, backed by the incredible power of the Advantage Suite.

Check Out More Software Add-ons!

Expand the possibilities in your software with CenterEdge and third party integrations.


A solution to help serve guests at Redemption faster and more efficiently.

Digital Signage

A tool to display custom marketing, menu, or other real-time facility information.