Security Tools

Proactive Tools to Keep Guest Data Safe, Prevent Scams, and Reduce Risk of Theft

Get Serious About Security

Innovative Tools

Cutting edge payment terminals equipped with the latest security measures.

Minimized Risk

Focus on managing your business, not putting out fires.

Enhanced Compliance

Dedicated team to help establish fraud parameters.

Protecting your business is our highest priority.

Our software and CenterEdge Payments security tools deliver a safe webstore and on-premise buying experience for your guests while helping you reduce risk of theft and fraud. We adhere to the strictest compliance standards and provide the means to capture guest payment information without putting their data or your business at risk.

A Safe Software and Payments Experience

PCI Compliance

Point-to-point encrypted solution

CenterEdge is just as concerned with security as you are. That’s why we have dedicated resources to ensure we operate according to national and international standards, and help streamline the PCI compliance process for you. You’ll receive notifications, reminders, and assistance with your annual questionnaire, so you’ll always have CenterEdge’s support.

  • Customizable solution to your business and industry
  • PCI compliance guide and support resources
  • Support in completing annual required documentation

Payment Terminals

Take payments easily & securely

CenterEdge Payments offers a variety of payment devices that enable secure transactions. NFC capabilities for Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and tap-enabled credit cards are built in. Various screen options allow you to customize your guests’ user experience. With optional signature capture-enabled PIN pads, you can eliminate the need to sift through paper receipts, capturing and storing guest signatures easily and securely.

  • EMV & PCI compliant devices purpose-built for high volume and demanding environments
  • Secure, tamper detection customer-facing device mounts
  • Customizable screen options with electronic signature capture
  • Portable device options for delivering a secure payment experience throughout the facility

Fraud Mitigation

Helping prevent credit card fraud

Credit card payments made even more secure. When cards are presented for payment, the system automatically combs thousands of transactions across an entire business network to help determine if the card has been used for suspicious activity, making fraud detection easier and faster than ever.

  • Identify fraudulent merchants and compromised cards
  • Collect, evaluate and use data to drive decisions
  • View real-time & historical data

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