Specialty Printers

Receipts, Wristbands, & Tickets, Oh My!

Print it All with CenterEdge’s Specialty Printers

Tokenize Wristbands & Other Media

Eliminate purchase barriers with in-house payment media.

Simplified Check-In

Expedite ticket admissions by simply scanning from printed media.

Increased Brand Trust

Produce efficient processes and consistently accurate information on items.

The Options You Want for the Printed Items You Need

The Advantage Suite of software is compatible with a variety of specialty printers to fulfill your facility’s physical media needs. Give guests a physical ticket to an attraction or event, label your inventory, and more, all while remaining connected to your existing database. You can also remove purchase barriers by creating tokenized wristbands and other media that allow guests to pay without having to take out their wallets. You can even design the look of the media from within Advantage with layout options specific to your facility’s printer.

Wristband Printers

Easy to use, hard to lose

Give your guests the power to purchase, right on their wrist. This hands-free, hassle-free setup is only one of many options for incorporating wristbands into your operation, and is fully supported by Advantage’s wristband printer integrations. Grant admission, identify visitors, provide attraction times, and more with this easy to use and hard to lose solution. 

Ticket Printers

Make check-ins a breeze with in-house ticket printers

Manage access and track capacities conveniently and reliably with ticket printers that allow you to produce customized tickets for any admission or attraction. When printed with session dates and times, barcodes, and other important facility information, check-in is a breeze for your guests and your team. Whether you use physical tickets exclusively, or add them to your digital ticketing option, printing them directly from your Advantage software will enhance the guest experience and keep all your data in one place.

Card Printers

Limited waste, unlimited potential

Move printing in-house and produce professional quality cards in whatever amounts you need. Create your cards in small batches or large, with the freedom to update the design at any time without having to make a separate order or wait for shipping. Test your designs on real cards to optimize the look and feel and take advantage of the printer’s auto adjust feature to feed various card thicknesses without any hassle.

Label & Barcode Printers

Product management made simple

Maintain your inventory painlessly with one or more of CenterEdge’s label/barcode printers. Integrated directly with Advantage’s inventory management features, barcodes and labeling can be structured in any way that makes sense. Creating barcoded discounts is just as easy, with options to label products directly or for use in tracking targeted marketing efforts.

Check Out More Hardware Add-On Tools

Devices that work seamlessly with your Advantage software to provide your team and guests an exceptional experience.

Self-Service Kiosk

Operate smarter and give guests the power to choose their buying experience.

Point Of Sale

Compact all-in-one machines that power all your daily transactions.

Hybrid Tablet

A versatile device with full access to Advantage anywhere at your location.


Tailor staff and guest access, payments, and sales transactions