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We’re in an exciting period of growth and expansion in our company. Building innovative solutions, enhancing client support, elevating experiences, and developing new resources and tools are all focuses within this next stage. Be a part of crafting our company’s future.

About Us

CenterEdge was built from the ground up for point of sale and payment processing across multi-attraction amusement parks and entertainment centers. Our software empowers the world’s top FECs and startups to orchestrate all operations from one centralized hub. CenterEdge is entirely configurable—right-sized today and ready to scale tomorrow whether you want to add attractions, expand your food and beverage operation, or transform into a full-fledged franchise. We won’t try to fit you in a box, but we did think about every detail, so you don’t have to. At the end of the day, we provide exactly what you need, knowing that the best guest experience starts with a happy, thriving frontline team.

  • Our Mission

    To streamline full-facility management across
    multi-attraction amusement parks and
    entertainment centers, providing the best overall
    guest, team, and owner experience.

  • Our Vision

    To be a leading US-based provider of point-of-sale
    solutions, secure payment processing, and
    business excellence mentoring for multi-attraction
    amusement parks and entertainment centers.

Do You Share Our Values?

At CenterEdge, core values aren’t just words on a wall or goals
that we have. We strive every day to use our values as a way to make
the best decisions about our work, actions, and behaviors.


We care about each other and our clients.
We succeed when our partners do.

You believe that building relationships is the key to success for yourself, the company, and our clients. You strive to help everyone win. People say they love working with you because you’re the epitome of a team player.


We take ownership of our responsibilities
and our role in serving clients.

You take responsibility. You believe in doing your job well and it shows.
You raise your hand to take on new projects and get a thrill from seeing
them through to completion.


We adapt our service and software
by new and creative ways of thinking.

You are creative. Whether it’s solving a problem, identifying with
someone with a differing opinion, or developing a new product, you think outside the box, ask thoughtful questions, and keep striving for more.


We keep our promises. We follow
through and do what’s right.

You hold yourself to a higher standard. You understand that it’s ok to miss
sometimes, but are willing to step up to help solve a problem for the
success of the client and team. You take care with your actions and your

Working At CenterEdge

We believe your company should
provide more than just a job.

  • A Focus on Work Life Balance – PTO, flexible work hours, & remote work options
  • Flexibility over fashion – embrace casual dress all year round
  • Having fun is foundational – Visit client entertainment centers to try new games and attractions
  • Career Development – Self-growth learning advancements through tuition reimbursement
  • Health & Security matters – Healthcare, vision, 401(k) offerings with company matching
  • Hands On Training- From day one, you will receive the tools and resources needed to excel

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are not just a software company. Like our founders, we believe we have a responsibility to give back and play a positive role in our community and helping people and groups outside of our CenterEdge team. Throughout the year, we plan volunteer events and initiatives to help our growing community and world to ensure that we’re making a difference.

Why Our Team Chose CenterEdge

Hear it from our team

Our team is made up of different people from various backgrounds that provide unique perspectives and experiences. We work hard to ensure our organization and leadership teams are comprised of a variety of experience and culture so that we provide the best service and offerings to clients. Here are a few reasons why our team chose, and continue to chooses CenterEdge.

“I enjoy working at CenterEdge because of the people, both our team and our clients!”

Joe Siler- Payments Program Manager

“I love that CenterEdge believes so strongly in partnerships and truly cares about the success of its employees and clients alike.”

Carson Gentry-Enterprise Sales Account Manager

“The best part of working at CE is the team effort. No one ever faces a problem alone.”

Don Lee- Purchasing Specialist

“Everyone is immediately an equal player with valuable ideas and experience, no matter what you do or what your background is.”

Lena Plaut- Content Marketing Specialist

“Our clients! I love hearing about the projects that they are working on and helping them reach their goals.”

Kate Jackson- Client Success Manager

“I love the trust & independence CenterEdge gives me to help grow the company!”

Marcey Seebaran – Marketing Manager

“I am fortunate to work for a company that allows me to be passionate about my work, while helping clients solve their problems.”

Johnny Loftin- Sr. Sales Executive

“Getting to help CenterEdge users make a difference for their communities is the BEST part of my day!”

Sherry Howell- Director of Brand Engagement