Merchant Portal

Self-Service Access Into Your Merchant Services Program

The Visibility You Need

More Efficient

Eliminate the need to contact processors for reports or statements.

Easy Access

Review transactions, deposits, and settlement data from your online portal.

Greater Insights

Current and historical data, easy export, and custom reporting allow for unique insights.

Access When You Need It

Some credit card processing providers make statement access difficult causing merchants to waste time to get access to information that should be available at their fingertips. Also, the chargeback process may be confusing which can cause delays in the ability to respond timely, affecting the chance of recoupment. Your merchant portal provides self-service access so that you don’t need to wait for statements to be emailed, or call in to have access to historical documents. Manage your merchant services account anytime and from anywhere.

Streamlined Access With Your Success In Mind

Transaction Detail

Dig into the data of your merchant services program

View individual and aggregate transaction history in an easy-to-use dashboard. Review what’s been authorized, approved, settled, and funded in an easy-to-use tool.

  • Highly visual dashboard with transaction data with customizable search timeframes for all accounts (MIDs).
  • Easily search dashboard for recorded authorized transactions and settlements
  • Drill down to view card types and funding information
  • In-touch notifications via email or text for chargebacks, transactions over a certain amount, or a refund over a certain amount

Merchant Statements

Simplified electronic statements

Access current transactions and historical statements at any time in your secure dashboard to review and analyze your merchant services program. Statements are clear and easy-to-read, free from hidden fees and confusing language, so you can get to the heart of your month’s success sooner.

  • Easy to access online portal
  • Secure dashboard with chronological statements in one place
  • New statements appear monthly to be accessed and viewed

Chargeback Management

Monitor chargebacks and protect your business for the future

Protect your bottom line and keep guests happy. Receive chargeback notifications, determine if a response is necessary, and view chargeback statuses. When responding, work with your dedicated chargeback management team to respond appropriately.

  • Prevent disputes with tools to stop chargebacks before they happen
  • Identify illegitimate chargebacks
  • Reduce costs through automation
  • Increase revenue recovery


Payments intelligence & analytics

Manage your credit card transaction history and payment details in a way that makes sense for your business. Custom filters allow you to sort and save views, with the option to send your most important reports automatically, saving you time that you can spend managing your business – not your data.

  • Customizable filters that can be used to create one-time or recurring reports
  • Scheduled email sending of reports, if desired
  • Easy export for additional analysis

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