POS Station

The Performance and Technology Necessary to Manage Daily Transactions

Powerful Performance. Custom-Built Technology

Easy to Use

Train new staff easily and enable them to do their own troubleshooting.

Powerful yet Flexible

Design your POS to fit your business proecesses and offerings. 

Accurate & Reliable

Provide a professional, consistent, and modern look throughout your facility.

Processing Power that Fits

With an easy-to-use touchscreen, powerful computing performance, optional receipt printer base, and a wide array of additional peripherals, this device has everything you need to successfully run and manage your facility. Add a guest-facing display, fingerprint reader, scanners, pin pads, and more to set your team up for success. You’ll also have peace of mind with the included three-year warranty plus a one-year peripheral warranty.

Introducing Your Point of Sale

All-In-One Device

Everything you need, right on the counter

Operate effectively with professional-grade machines, each equipped with a touch-screen and optional integrated receipt printer base, providing all the connections you need. With a compact design that is small enough to fit where you need it and large enough to make operating the software effortless, you’ll be able to speed through operations with limited maintenance. A three-year warranty gives you peace of mind and even the device add-ons have a one-year warranty.

Guest Facing Displays

Up-sells for you, transparency for them

Provide transparency for your guests and improve efficiency by adding a guest facing display to your CenterEdge Point of Sale. Present transaction information, advertise loyalty programs, and display up-sell options during a transaction to enhance your revenue potential. Built to work with the All-In-One station, these guest displays fit right in with your compact POS setup.

Integrated Peripherals

De-clutter the counter

Experience the flexibility of robust customization options rather than settling for a one size fits all approach. With ample peripheral device connection capabilities and compatibility built into one machine, you can eliminate excessive piles of dongles, extenders, and converters, keeping your space tidy. PIN pads, guest facing displays, scanners, printers and more can help you build the perfect guest experience.

Transaction Processing

Smooth sailing on every transaction

Use the POS station and Advantage Sales software together to provide a simple, enjoyable transaction process. The unit’s large touchscreen display offers the perfect bridge to the POS screen’s customizable buttons. Corrections to quantities, changing ticket times, issuing refunds, specifying sizes and colors, and selecting payment type are all just a matter of a quick few touches on an intuitive interface.

Extended Warranty

We’ve got you covered

Rest assured your money is well spent. Hardware is an investment and CenterEdge goes above and beyond to make sure yours is a good one. In addition to providing quality hardware products, we also include a three year extended warranty for our stations and a one year warranty for peripherals such as scanners. This means, if a component breaks and needs repair, you’re covered.

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Tailor staff and guest access, payments, and sales transactions.