Ticket & Retail Sales

A Complete Solution for All Your Point of Sale Needs

Sell Attractions, Admissions, & Merchandise With Ease

More Simplicity

Enable your team to successfully manage and drive sales transactions.

More Control

Sell experiences in the way that makes most sense for your facility and location.

Customization & Flexibility

Create unique packages and experiences that will delight your guests.

Your Sales Your Way

Admissions and attractions. Packages and promotions. And everything in between. Sell everything you offer easily and securely, with a solution that offers various ways for your guests to enjoy your venue. Value and entitlements are printed on tickets or wristbands, or can be added to reusable media like souvenir wristbands, magstripe cards, or lanyards.

Your Ticket to Enhanced Sales

General Ticket Sales

Sell admission and attraction tickets a variety of ways

Date-specific or any-time use, you have the flexibility you need to sell your offerings in the ways that make the most sense. Tickets can be sent electronically, printed, or held at “Will Call” to make it easy for you to meet your guests’ needs.

  • General admission & timed attractions
  • Tickets can be barcoded for scanning in later
  • Day-specific tickets appear on point of sale screens for easy staff use
  • Sales can be made online, in store, or by consignment

Pass Sales

Offer unique and compelling packages

Gain more market share by appealing to different audiences at various price points. Create season passes, bounceback admission passes, attraction bundles, multi-site passes, and more. Allocate pass sales to the date of sale, or when used at your facility, whichever works best for your business.

  • Date and day specific passes
  • Redeem passes at POS with or without barcode
  • Deferred revenue to allocate cost on purchase date or date of use
  • Passes can be built with customizable use terms, e.g. 10 visits, season passes, etc.
  • Passes can be printed with pictures

Retail Sales

Sell unique items and merchandise

Create and sell thousands of items that increase your revenue and grow your business. Merchandise, bottled drinks, concessions, and more are all possible with this feature. Items can be sold and tracked easily with integrated CenterEdge Inventory Management.

  • Sell physical items and merchandise that is not an attraction or sold through F&B
  • SKUs and barcodes can be added for tracking
  • Items can be loaded to different store rooms and divisions
  • Customize POS buttons with images, colors, in groups, or to appear only at designated days or times

Gift Card Sales

Generate revenue & buzz around your facility

Develop custom gift card programs for any occasion. With set amounts, attraction bonuses, and promotions you can create meaningful gift card programs your guests will love. Track revenue at the time of sale or when redeemed with CenterEdge’s deferred revenue capabilities.

  • Integrated gift cards with POS
  • Physical or electronic gift cards
  • Collect, analyze, and report on gift card sales
  • Increased short term-cash flow

Online (E-Commerce) Sales

Allow guests to purchase on their own terms

Sell admissions, attractions, parties, and more online easily with an integrated solution that manages online and on-premise sales and capacities. No overbooking. No missed sales opportunities. Just easy buying experiences and happy guests.

  • Checkout available with account creation or guest profiles
  • Online promotions and packages
  • Optional convenience fees
  • Fully integrated solution available to guests 24/7
  • Custom theming support available to match branding, main website and buyer journey

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