Operate and Manage Redemption
More Efficiently Than Ever

A Solution Proven to Enhance Guest and Team Experiences

Reduced Wait Time

Finish strong at the end of guests’ visits by serving them quickly and efficiently. 

A Reason to Return

A smooth process increases return visits, driving loyalty and revenue.

Enhanced Efficiency

Tools for scanning items and managing multiple requests to streamline flow.

Simplify Your Redemption Process

The Redemption module is your key to success in the world of arcade prize counters and redemption stores. Easily control inventory with prize management that is directly integrated with the rest of your inventory. Manage guests, automate your processes, and scan your way to lightning-fast prize redemption. With fully customizable frequent player rewards programs and accurate ticket or points counting, which can include your own denominations, you’ll create an experience that keeps guests coming back.

Finish Strong at the End of Guest Visits

Redemption Counter Tools

Prizes for them, speed and accuracy for you

Keep your guests focused on their winnings after hours of fun and games by providing them a seamless redemption experience. Managing winner accounts, tallying tickets, keeping track of prizes, and just about everything else you need at your counter is a breeze, with almost every action possible with a simple scan. Keep the included barcode sheet taped behind the counter for easy access and guests will be impressed by your thoughtful approach to their last interaction before they go. 

Redemption Store Tools

Everything you need for immersive redemption

Create a hands-on experience for your redemption with the freedom to place prizes at the guest’s level and allow them to explore your offerings on their own. Team members can meet them where they are to help redeem their treasures, all without fear of losing track of any inventory or the risk of mixing up which prizes cost how many tickets. With all the available bounty at their fingertips, your guests have tangible motivation to play more and score big.

Ticket Management

Build imaginative ways to play and win

Unleash your creativity in Redemption with the freedom to move beyond traditional ticket counting. CenterEdge Redemption lets you use any points or ticket counting method you desire while keeping accurate track of it. Set up collectable cards, unique bonuses, and bundle your own custom denominations all while easily tracking guest earnings.

Unified Inventory

Food, beverage, prizes, all in one place

Manage redemption prizes just like everything else you offer your guests with an integrated inventory. CenterEdge Redemption takes the robust Advantage Inventory management functionality and adds your prizes into the mix, allowing you to do everything in one place, while keeping your redemption offerings separate enough for accurate reporting.

Frequent Player Rewards Program

Loyalty level-ups

Expand Advantage Guest Hub’s custom rewards program builder to include Redemption and deploy a loyalty generating frequent player club. You can add redemption tickets as rewards, offer cash value items for playing that aren’t available to regular guests, and encourage them to level-up to elite tiers by playing and visiting more.

Check Out More Software Add-ons!

Expand the possibilities in your software with custom-built CenterEdge and third party integrations.

Digital Signage

A tool to display custom marketing, menu, or other real-time facility information.


3rd party integrations to help further expand your system’s functionality.