Event Planning

An Integrated Platform For Accurate Event Pricing and Planning

Ensure Consistency and Profitability for Every Event


Auto-adjust attractions, food, rooms, and resources as guests are added.

Smart Schedules

Eliminate the need for manual attraction and party room scheduling.

Seamless Setup

Efficient time management and kitchen communication for smoother events.

Focus on Your Guest & CenterEdge Will Handle the Rest

Put Pricing and planning on auto-pilot with scaling options that include the right amount of food and fun for any number of guests. Overbooking is a thing of the past with integrated scheduling that automatically reserves attractions, rooms, resources, and food and beverage. Offer guests outstanding experiences with a predetermined schedule for each type of event while also knowing you have the power to develop your own when you need more flexibility for facility buyouts, fundraisers, and other special events.

Automated Planning Tools to Help you Deliver Outstanding Events

Reservation Automation Wizard

Take the guesswork out of delivering outstanding events

No need to worry that you’ll overbook an attraction or run out of food during an event again. Each event type you create will automatically calculate, reserve, and charge for the perfect amount of food and fun. Take the guesswork out of planning for any sized event with automated tools that deliver a consistent experience every time.

  • As more guests are added, attraction, food and beverage, and space needs are automatically recalculated and reserved
  • Event automatically scales to ensure invoices are generated and allocated appropriately
  • Flexible pricing capabilities allow for base numbers, customizable add on guests, and per person pricing

Event Agreements

Leave no room for misunderstandings

Book an event and easily send the event details and invoice right from your software, no external system necessary. Send these as confirmations or guest agreements automatically or with a custom note for a more personalized experience. Send as a confirmation or ask guests to print, sign, and return it so you can file it for your records.

  • PDF can be generated from the event to email or print
  • Email can be customized by an event planner before sending, or sent automatically
  • Options to use a default return email address for a central hub for guest communications

Cascading Scheduling

Leave the pitfalls of manual event scheduling behind

Leave manual event scheduling behind, whether guests book  with a team member or online. Cascading Scheduling automatically reserves each event’s attraction times and tickets, food, and party room at just the right time to give them the guest experience you want to be known for. No double-booking, no manual reworking of an event’s schedule, just a system that maximizes your schedule to create flawless events every time.

  • Customizable configurations for every event type with ability to assign staff to the booking for oversight
  • Flexible to allow for automatic selection of event rooms or to allow users to choose specific rooms
  • Customizable calendar views of schedule
  • Tickets are reserved in real time and food orders can be set to send at the perfect time for an on time delivery


Automate routine tasks so you can focus on the fun

Deliver a consistent event experience every time with automated routine tasks so you can focus on the fun. Simply input your preferred processes for every component of an event, and let automation do the heavy lifting. Have different needs for corporate events than birthday parties? No problem! Advantage Itineraries are customizable by event type. Manage staff assignments, menu requirements, special requests, and any other notes right into the booking so that operations can work their magic.

  • Systematize kitchen prep with rules for party food timing
  • Booking notes allow for communicating important event info to staff or guests
  • Customizable per event type, and seamlessly applies timings to all current and future booked events of that type

Event Prep

Leave the pitfalls of manual event scheduling behind

Manage the chaos of a full day of parties and group events with ease. Prepare for a busy weekend ahead by issuing an event’s admission tickets and other media efficiently without the need to swipe large groups of cards or wristbands. On the day of the event, check-in guests, verify waivers, add additional attendees, and verify RSVP information as guests arrives smoothly.

  • Easily issue game cards and wristbands individually or in bulk
  • Verify waivers and manage guest lists with integrated RSVP lists
  • Tickets are reserved in real time and food orders can be set to send at the perfect time for an on time delivery

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