Cash Control & Accounting

Simplify Cash Management & Reporting

Cash Control You Can Count On

Compliance Assured

Accurate tax calculations support compliance efforts with applicable laws.

Promotional Options

Highly configurable discounts to entice and delight guests.

Automated Calculations

Automated tax calculations to save time and reduce errors.

Effortless Revenue Management

Keep manual calculations to a minimum and let Advantage do the work. When it comes to managing your revenue, you need processes that are secure and tools that are wide ranging. In Advantage, you have everything you need to track and allocate sales to various revenue centers and programs. Coupons and discount options are as varied as your ideas to implement them. Tax management and compliance are seamless, tracking tills is a breeze, and exporting financial information is possible with accounting in mind.

Secure, Comprehensive, and Precise Cash Control & Accounting

Tax Management

Error-free tax calculation

Simplify tax management by automating the application of tax rates to your facility’s offerings, including varied rates for attractions, food and beverage, alcohol, and more as needed. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time focusing on your business with customizable tax codes and rates. Associate these with items to comply with local tax law and never worry about being outside of any regulations. Reduce room for human error and unlock more time and resources for strategic initiatives.

  • Customizable tax rates for items with unique tax liabilities
  • Automatic calculation of individual items and package inclusions
  • Extensive reporting

G/L Mapping & Exporting

Track, export, optimize

Streamline accounting with Advantage’s General Ledger module. Track inventory, sales and costs with unique identifiers configured directly from within the Console software. Map these to your existing inventory categories and sub-categories to keep your accounting data cohesive. With the ability to easily export this information, you have the freedom to harness your data in any accounting software you choose all while seamlessly maintaining a link to your facility management solution.

  • Flexible configuration
  • Export capabilities
  • Associated with inventory in the database

Revenue Allocation

Empower your business with granular analysis

Handle revenue and accounting in a way that makes a big difference in how you assess your business overall. Customize how you allocate revenue from packages and almost any category you choose, giving you essential insights into the performance of individual categories and programs as a whole. Your accounting processes are up to you as well with deferred revenue options for accrual based setups that let you defer revenue from sales of offerings like gift cards and rentals until the value is used.

  • Revenue trackable by location, department, or product line
  • Detailed reporting to analyze performance
  • Decision-making support for resource allocation

Coupons & Discounts

Unforgettable deals, unbeatable results

Tailor discounts for specific market segments, employee perks, or special promotions with flexible options for flat amount, percentage, and buy X get Y deals. Barcode and source code association enable effortless tracking of ad campaigns, and custom restrictions take the worry out of specialized promotions. Choose your spending requirements, combination options and more to craft irresistible promotions.

  • Percentage, fixed amount, and BOGO based discounts
  • Tiered promotions based on quantity, spending thresholds, or other requirements
  • Barcode generation and management of  targeted discount campaigns

Till Control

Manage the transactions of team members and stations

Manage daily transactions like a pro with Advantage Till Control’s structured and customizable cash-in and cash-out workflows. With the ability to set cash-in defaults and customize the layout of till functions, cash management processes are quick, yet maintain the essential function of secure tracking and accountability of funds. Assign employees to tills, track their status in real time, customize permissions and verify cash-out at the end of the day. Payouts, cash drops, till removal, and other vital functions are easily accessible when needed.

  • Monitor tills and money
  • Set clear cash handling accountability
  • Set defaults for cash-in and cash-out
  • Perform cash drops and payouts

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