Team Management

Integrated Tools to Help Your Team Succeed

Comprehensive Team Management

Improved Efficiency

Role-based system access to empower staff as they gain experience.

Real-Time Updates

Employee availability configuration and drag and drop work schedules.

Schedule Insights

Track labor and hours to ensure balanced schedules and productive teams.

A Single Solution for a Streamlined Employee Experience

From comprehensive employee information management to seamless scheduling, accurate time tracking, and full control over user access, this powerful team management solution provides the support you need to build a knowledgeable and productive team. Included is a training version of the entire software suite that uses real data to train team members without ever modifying your live database or software. With a robust range of features natively integrated into your point of sale, you have what you need to run as efficiently and profitability as possible.

Time to Assemble the Team

Personnel Maintenance

People power unlocked

Streamline your workforce operations and optimize human resource management processes with Advantage Personnel Maintenance, which enables you to store and update vital employee information in a centralized location. With a powerhouse of features, this solution ensures your employee data is organized, accurate, and easily accessible. From contact details and work departments, to positions, pay rates, and more, you have complete control over managing and maintaining up-to-date staff records.

  • Save contact information
  • Store work departments, positions, and pay rates
  • Assign access numbers, cards, and privileges

Training Mode

Practice makes perfect – before going live

Experience the freedom of Advantage Training Mode and provide your team a risk free environment to learn, experiment and master the Advantage Suite. With real data pulled from yesterday’s backup, simulate any scenario, from booking events to adding inventory, to performing transactions, all while maintaining complete integrity of your live data and internal setup. Exactly the same as the real software aside from a bright red indicator, Training Mode is the perfect tool to test all your trickiest ideas, knowing everything will be reset in the morning. If you need to experiment with an update right away, you can even force a copy of your latest database to load and safely test any function.

  • Exact replica of the real software
  • Uses a copy of your actual data
  • Never affects live data or setup

Time Clock

Smart time management

Stay in sync with your team and spend less time managing them with Advantage Time Clock. Efficiently track time and attendance with the ability for self clock-in with secure access code or biometrics. Establish clock in parameters and processes for exceptions with built in features and notes. See who is currently clocked in, define break types, and export the data, all while being in control of who can make those changes and retaining access to an audit of those who’ve made them. This comprehensive solution helps you stay on top of your workforce data thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Self clock-in and manager access to make time adjustments
  • Customizable break options
  • Secure clock-ins and customizable parameters to prevent time clock abuse
  • Ability to see who is currently clocked in

Shift Scheduling

Advanced shift management for smooth scheduling

Conquer employee scheduling. With multiple options for managing employee availability, you can ensure team members are scheduled for suitable shifts based on their preferred, available, and unavailable times. Team members can even edit their own availability, facilitating easy communication of their scheduling needs. Create templates based on anticipated staffing levels, positions and shift times, then drag and drop available team members for easy schedule building each week, ensuring optimal coverage. Share these with team members using automated notifications to regularly distribute schedules and ensure they’re always informed.

  • Visual grid with drag and drop schedule
  • Time off and seasonal availability facilitation with notifications
  • Schedule templates for anticipated staffing needs

User Defined Security Levels

Safe setup with customizable security access

Take full control over team member access and permissions to ensure secure and efficient operations at your location. By creating custom security groups that can be easily cloned and modified with granular access configurations, sensitive functions remain in the hands of authorized individuals. Preconfigured options for common positions give you the freedom to completely customize groups that align with your unique requirements. You can even organize groups in a hierarchy, giving you precise and streamlined control over system access.

  • Extensive and detailed configurable functions
  • Groups can be cloned to create similar access levels
  • Hierarchy to determine who can make changes to which Security Groups

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