Integrated Payments

A Single Solution for All Your Payment Processing Needs

Seamless Integration With All Your Key Systems

Improved Accuracy

Single source of truth for all sales and payment transactions.

Stronger Data Security

All payments data is collected within one secure software platform.

Increased Productivity

Eliminate manual accounting and reporting processes.

Built Exclusively for the Business of Fun!

CenterEdge Payments is fully integrated with the entire Advantage Software platform and integration partners by communicating and transferring payment data seamlessly and securely across all integration partners for sales, events, cashless systems, and more.

Payment Processing Designed with Your Business in Mind

Advantage Sales Software Integration

Process sales transactions, accept gratuities, offer memberships and more

Process sales transactions, prompt for and accept gratuities, implement a dual pricing strategy, offer memberships, and more. Food and beverage doesn’t miss a bite, with features that allow guests to order and pay with their mobile phone, no matter what type of food and beverage you offer. Integrates seamlessly for:

  • Mobile food ordering* (coming fall 2023)
  • Click-to-Pay, Pay at the Table, Apple/Google Pay
  • Advantage Memberships
  • Dual Pricing

Advantage Events Integration

Deliver flawless birthday parties and group events

Sell events and take deposits online and onsite, with payment options that include Dual Pricing, Click-to-Pay via secure link, and Accounts Receivable. Events are the lifeblood of just about any family entertainment business. The integration between CenterEdge Payments and Advantage Events offers a complete solution for your event deposit and payment needs.

  • Events deposits online & onsite, final payments, A/R payments
  • Dual Pricing eCommerce for Events
  • Click to Pay for event deposits and milestone payments
  • Ability to tokenize a card after deposit for future payments

3rd Party Payment Integrations

One partner to call when you need help

You shouldn’t have to manage multiple merchant services programs, fee structures, or relationships. Credit card processing is simple with CenterEdge Payments’ integrated payments program. CenterEdge Payments provides processing support for all of our third-party integration partners, including Embed, Sacoa, Intercard, and many more.

  • Streamlined reconciliation and pricing programs
  • Same processor across all systems
  • Consistent, transparent pricing

Check Out Other Offerings Of CenterEdge Payments

A simplified and transparent approach to credit card processing for the amusement and entertainment industries.

Merchant Portal

The visibility you need into your merchant services program.

Multi-Channel Payments

Meet guests where they are with a variety of payment options online and onsite.

Security Tools

Meet guests where they are with a variety of payment options online and onsite.

Pricing Programs

Flexible pricing options that offer more control over your payment processing costs.