Self-Service Kiosks

Help Guests Get to the Fun Faster

Modern Technology for Today’s Guests

Large Touch Screens

High-Impact 21.5″ touch display

Multiple Configurations

Countertop and freestanding models

Verification Security Options

Driver’s license and facial recognition scanners

Reduce Guest Wait Times

Being short-staffed is a common issue, which can lead to guest friction caused by increased wait times. The self-service kiosk allows facilities to offer guests the chance to manage their own buying experience so they can get to the fun faster. With a few simple touches, guests can check in, purchase attractions, verify their identity, and pay. A simple, secure and streamlined solution that will delight your staff and guests.

Meet the Advantage Kiosk

Product Sales

Put the purchase into your guests hands

Empower your guests to manage their own experience while you save time and labor. With customizable screens and layout options, the guest flow is up to you. Add the ability to pay at the kiosk for packages, attractions, and memberships to have a truly guest driven experience that encourages multiple transactions with minimal waiting. Your staff is free to help with questions while visitors effortlessly help themselves.

Custom Wraps

Your kiosk. Your brand

Take advantage of the value added by the brand you worked hard to create wherever possible. Guests who see a cohesive environment see stability, professionalism, and added value. Advantage Self-Service Kiosks can enhance this perception and help increase recognition overall by matching the look and feel of your business with a branded wrap. A kiosk that fits into your space ensures the only thing that stands out is your brand’s one-of-a-kind identity.

Custom Kiosk Screen Layouts

Craft the perfect self-service experience

Give your guests the best kiosk experience with Advantage Kiosk’s custom screen layouts. Simple and flexible, add unique screens, buttons, and text to guide your guests through whatever journey you create. Add multiple versions of a guest’s experience, or develop various setups for specific purposes ahead of time and apply what you’ve created to individual kiosks as needed.

Quick Access Functionality

Verification is as easy as a smile

Having Advantage Self-Service Kiosks on location already increases the speed with which guests can be processed. Using the included quick access features make this even faster. With facial recognition to both capture guest pictures and verify waivers, driver’s license scanning to speed data entry, and 2-factor authentication to ensure data security, the amount of work guests have to do to help themselves is greatly reduced.

Game Card Reload

Load and go

Limit the interruption when player cards start running low, allowing guests to make a purchase and get back in the game quickly. With reduced wait times and the ability to independently refill cards by NFC or Magnetic Stripe Reader, visitors will return to buy more as often as they need.

Check Out More Hardware Add-On Options!

Devices that work seamlessly with your Advantage software to provide your team and guests an exceptional experience.

Point of Sale

Compact all-in-one machines that power all your daily transactions.

Specialty Printers

Produce wristbands, tickets, cards, barcodes, labels, and other payment media.

Hybrid Tablet

A versatile device with full access to Advantage anywhere at your location.


Tailor staff and guest access, payments, and sales transactions.