Reporting & Analytics

The Power You Need to Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

The Key to Critical Business Insights

Guest Insights

Understand guests better to ensure successful programs and drive loyalty.

Performance Metrics

Extensive reporting to help you uncover trends in sales, events, labor, and more.

Varied Insights & Customized Views

Virtually endless accessible data with varied options for viewing and exporting.

Data Driven Success

Having the right data opens up a world of opportunity for growth and CenterEdge has you covered. With extensive pre-built reports for the most frequently needed information, the ability to create custom reports for digging into the details, and options to explore your data in visual ways, there’s virtually no information you can’t access. Even less tech savvy users are guided to navigate the database in a user friendly way and uncover every bit of essential data you need to make decisions.

We Dig Data, Too

Customizable Reports

All your data at your fingertips

Imagine being able to extract valuable information from your site’s database without extensive technical know-how. Our custom ad-hoc report builder gives you the flexibility to define parameters and pull almost anything directly from your database to uncover trends, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions. You’re not limited to predefined or generic analytics when a few clicks let you select the fields you want to view and filters deliver you only the results you need. Take a deep dive into any area of your business, then export and share your findings with stakeholders or discover actionable insights. Save the reports that you find most useful for later use and future comparison.

  • Data is easy to access, with custom filters and export capabilities
  • No SQL knowledge necessary
  • Save useful reports for later use


Actionable intelligence, visual insights

Enjoy a centralized location for your most important data, a way to visualize trends, and the opportunity to drill down for more information as curiosity strikes with our Business Intelligence Dashboard. With interactive and visually appealing graphs, our extensive array of prebuilt tabs such as sales, admissions, events, customers, labor, and more allow you to experience your data in a unique way. You can even switch between multiple locations if you have more than one site and view the data directly from your web browser. Save your discoveries in views for future reference and export your findings in Image, PDF, or spreadsheet formats.

  • Multiple locations accessible from a browser with the ability to drill down for more information
  • Graphs and charts for visual representation
  • Visual and CSV export options and ability to schedule emailed reports

Report Automation

Automatic data pulling, delivered when you need it

Unlock the potential of  report automation by choosing to have one or more of our many useful reports generated and distributed regularly. No more repetitive recipient entry or time-consuming individual report creation. Now you can effortlessly schedule and send reports to the right people at the right time. Daily sales summaries, event information, inventory updates, or anything else you need can be automatically generated and sent at any time intervals you see fit. Stay ahead of the game, make data-driven decisions, and streamline your operations with the insights you need.

  • Flexible options for frequency
  • Able to configure individual reports to send at their own intervals
  • Customizable distribution lists

Data Access

Beyond reports, get any data you need

Your data is always yours with CenterEdge. Using a standard SQL database in the back-end, you can truly access anything you need and there is never an extra fee for using it. For times when you need quick and effective exports of system data for external use, CenterEdge offers data pump options that can be configured to regularly pull information to be incorporated into external systems, such as email campaign and other external marketing platforms, among others.

  • Common data formats used
  • Able to access anything
  • Can use more external tools that require CenterEdge data

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