The Complete Toolset Necessary to Accurately and Efficiently Manage Inventory

Take Stock in the Items You Order, Use, and Sell

Improved Efficiency

Customize inventory settings and counts to get more done in a day.

Inventory Optimization

A unified picture of pricing and quantity, plus the tools to eliminate waste.

One Management System

A centralized location for all the items you order, use and sell.

Flexible Inventory Management Tools for Your Entire Operation

A one size fits all approach to inventory management just doesn’t work in our industries, which is why Advantage has extensive item type options with unique settings tailored to each. From creating products to tracking quantities on hand, everything you need to retain precise control of your offerings, products, and recipes is built in. A purchase order builder, completely custom stock rooms and units of measure, auditing tools, and the ability to package items and or include them in a recipe are features, among others, that mean you’ll always have accurate information about inventory.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Product Management

Create, categorize, and track a diverse inventory

Categorize and track inventory items easily with a variety of item types tailored for specific needs – each with customizable settings. Whether you’re dealing with retail items, tickets, passes, packages, recipes, or more, there are practical and relevant settings for all of them. Create customizable options for complex orders with modifier templates that prompt for sizes, flavors, add-ons, or anything else, each with the options to configure pricing, quantities, and visual elements. With personalized category and subcategory organization, your reporting will be comprehensive and unique to your business administration.

  • Select from multiple item types and configure specific information about each
  • Set up complex pricing scenarios and track quantities
  • Combine items into recipes or packages
  • Manage one or more tax liabilities in complex offerings and packages

Purchase Orders

Stay ahead of demand with purchase order generation

With comprehensive and customizable units of measure, you’ll always be able to order exactly what you need when managing inventory and creating purchase orders. Integrated auditing tools and a Purchase Order Builder that lets you select vendors and automatically include items based on predefined reorder levels. This saves you time and ensures you have the right amounts of inventory on hand. Easily adjust inventory quantities, record receipts, and store standard costs per unit, or define custom pricing scenarios with specific vendors in mind.

  • Highly customizable
  • Streamlines processes for ordering and receiving inventory
  • Can receive into various stock rooms
  • Robust reporting for comprehensive tracking


Hassle-free audits

By automating and simplifying the audit process, Advantage saves you valuable time and resources when managing inventory. Whether you’re receiving new stock, transferring inventory between stock rooms, or reducing inventory counts, you have a comprehensive set of tools to ensure every item is accurately recorded. Errors and discrepancies in your records will be a thing of the past as you freely move stock while the software tracks it in any unit of measure you deem necessary.

  • Ability to track quantities and identify discrepancies
  • Ability to move inventory between stock rooms
  • Ability to create custom units of measure

Stock Rooms

Eliminate waste and manage efficient inventory use

Centralize ordering and manage your inventory ecosystem with our easy to manage digital stock rooms. Quickly create multiple custom rooms to track inventory, even in larger sites with diverse storage needs. Add items to one or more specific stock rooms and track their precise usage with included built-in tools to transfer items from one to the other. Modify the parameters of each as necessary with unique descriptors and tailor inventory settings to every one. Even receive new stock directly into a specific room, so you can streamline ordering and manage waste.

  • Unlimited digital stock rooms can be created
  • Customizable settings for quantity tracking in each room
  • Inventory is easily moved between rooms
  • Centralize inventory receipt while assigning products directly into designated room

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