System Setup

Configured for Your Success, Built for Your Vision

Tailor-Made Options for Efficient Guest Interactions

Flexibility for Operators

Build the system for specific business needs, unique to each operation.

Customized Displays

Configure screens and stations in ways that are practical and scalable.

User Friendly

Centralized place to configure station and system-wide functions.

Optimize Your System Configuration

With extensive options for POS customization, seamless system maintenance features, and secure data backups, you can configure your software to align perfectly with your business requirements. On top of that, a whole community of people in the industry, a self help portal, personalized training, and access to 24-7 support are just a click away. Comprehensive configuration options allow you to shape your system to match your vision.

Meet the Tools of Personalization

POS Customization

An option for every scenario

Break free from the rigid constraints of a static POS, with dynamic options built specifically for merchandise, food and beverage, ticketing, attraction management, and more. Craft the perfect POS setup for every location and every function with interfaces that automatically update based on the time of day or day of the week. Edit screens from any station and apply your layouts to the entire facility or individualize the setup for each. With the smarts to keep track of capacity right on screen, features to customize food orders and present promotions, and the tools to organize it all, your POS experiences are completely up to you!

  • Choose colors, fonts, and images for buttons by station, division, time, or day
  • Create multiple screens and screen types and edit them from any station
  • Keep track of capacity right on screen

System Maintenance

Backups wherever and whenever you need them

Erase worries about forgetting to back up your data with Advantage Console’s built in back-up options. With the convenience of automatic scheduling and options for incremental backups, being prepared will never be a hassle. Your data is essential, which is why Advantage Console lets you store your current database in multiple locations, including in the cloud. If anything happens to your server, you won’t lose any transactions, inventory updates, or customer information and can get back to business as usual in no time.

  • Back up to multiple locations, including the cloud
  • Secure full or incremental backups
  • Restore lost data

CenterEdge Support Portal

Experts for success, community for guidance

Discover the value of partnership, which is one of our core values, because success happens when we work together. From novel ideas by your peers, to tech support and self-help, everything you need to be your best is available directly from Advantage Console. A community board, how-to documents, and 24-7 support you can reach by phone or email mean you have options when you need help or are just curious about best practices. You can even connect with a CenterEdge trainer for personalized help. Whatever your learning and communication style, there is something for you in the CenterEdge Support Portal.

  • Direct link to help and assistance 24-7
  • Open a ticket easily online, in your software, or by email
  • Investigate software features and instructions
  • Talk with peers about best practices

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Console Offerings

Your centralized hub that allows you to manage system-wide operational functions, including software set up, inventory, billing, accounting, and payroll.


Tools to help track and store physical items as they are ordered, sold, and used.

Cash Control & Accounting

Management of your location’s day-to-day financial transactions.

System Messaging & Notifications

Automated messages to distribute financial, team, or guest communication.

Team Management

Tools to manage employment, schedules, and system access for staff.

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reports and dashboards that provide key business insights.