Guest Hub

Create and Cultivate Meaningful Guest Relationships

The Hub of Your Guest Experience

Enhanced Guest Experience

Provide exceptional offerings, programs and personalized interactions.

Increased Profitability

Drive more traffic with creative programs and memorable visits.

Improved Guest Data Collection

Collect more robust guest data analytics to analyze trends.

Get to Know Your Guests Better Than Ever

Build lasting relationships with guests by creating guest profiles that track guest details, purchase history, memberships, and more. Gain at-a-glance knowledge about visits, reward program status, and accumulated points and entitlements so that you can create meaningful interactions throughout your facility. Memberships and loyalty rewards programs give you endless opportunities to design one-of-a-kind programs that increase guest visits, brand loyalty, and revenue.

Guest Hub Features

Guest Profiles

Gain important guest insight

Know your guests better than ever with Guest Profiles! When you’re able to attribute waiver, sales, and visit behavior to guest records, you can create more meaningful interactions throughout your park. And what’s more, you’ll turn that data into a variety of essential reports that tell you what’s working at your facility, so you can survive to make memories another day.

  • Guest profiles include demographic information and date of birth
  • Add a guest photo and use as future verification
  • Capture tier information from rewards programs
  • Turn guest data into reports and BI insights

Guest Vault

Stored Entitlements & Profile Information

Eliminate friction and simplify your guest experience. The digital Guest Vault automatically stores value, entitlements, points, rewards, and bonuses on your guests’ records in addition to whatever physical media you provide. Remove purchase barriers at your facility and online while you gather crucial visit insights to help improve your offering and experience in the future.

  • Option to allow cards to be used both in store and online
  • Value, entitlements, bonuses, and reward points are attached to guest records and loaded onto physical media, as desired
  • Robust reporting allows for attributing sales to guests, product type, and revenue centers


Create loyal guests and recurring revenue

Build a variety of unique individual or family membership programs for your business. Robust membership features enable you to create and send custom agreements, set billing and renewal terms, and manage billing seamlessly. Guests love the ability to manage their own membership experience online. Allow them to purchase memberships, upload profile photos, change payment information, and more, and you’ll enhance their experience while saving staff time.

  • Options for customizable membership terms and renewals
  • Online admin portal to manage membership programs, with integrated tools for authorizations and declined payments
  • Can add a variety of products, passes, value, and discounts to different memberships
  • Online web access for members to manage their own accounts

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Drive loyalty and revenue while rewarding guests

Reward your best guests for key visit and spending behaviors with an integrated Loyalty Rewards Program. Create unique tiers, benefits, and define the spending and visit behaviors you want to reward the most. Fully integrated into the rest of Advantage, you gain a complete picture of your entire customer relationship so you can continue to develop programs and offerings that wow, all while driving revenue and loyalty.

  • Integrated with Advantage POS
  • Customizable spending thresholds and tiers
  • Offer perks and rewards based on visit or spending behaviors
  • Reporting that allows you to conduct even more targeted marketing

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