Digital Signage

Tempting Visuals, Dynamic Displays

The Dynamic Way to Keep Guests Informed and Engaged

Real-Time Updates

Keep guests informed with automatic quantity, pricing, and capacity updates.

Focused Interest

Drive sales or attention where desired with enticing visuals and messaging.

Guest Support

Reduce questions by displaying FAQs and important information.

Signage Brought to Life

Unleash the power of digital communication with Digital Signage. Transform static displays into captivating showcases of your offerings. Welcome guests to events, display mouth watering food menus, and provide real-time capacity information to keep your guests informed and engaged. From attraction videos, to safety presentations, our dynamic signage creates an immersive environment that drives sales, opens up options for business collaboration, and provides additional opportunity for new revenue.

Messaging That Makes Sense

Menu Screen

Visualize the flavor with picture-perfect menus

Make their mouths water with perfectly composed images of their favorite foods and drinks, steaming hot off the grill or freshly shaken and stirred. Make your food and beverage offerings irresistible with CenterEdge’s Digital Signage. With the power to add as many visuals as desired, Digital Signage can present your entire menu to guests, pulling directly from your database to keep pricing up to date without any additional work as things change.

Location Promotion & Capacity Screens

Real time capacity, enticing and engaging promotions

Remove the disappointment of a sold-out show or activity by prominently displaying other times or other activities available to your guests with exciting and dynamic signage. Digital Signage is a completely customizable way to promote your attractions that pulls capacity information directly from your database and informs guests about availability or any other status updates you may need to communicate. With motion and video capabilities to curate the best visual experience possible, your guests will always feel confident, informed, and excited when they are ready for their next adventure.

Event Welcome Screen

Personalized welcome signs for remarkable events

Imagine your guests’ faces lighting up as they arrive at your event, greeted by a stunning digital welcome sign personalized just for them. Add their names, images, or include custom messages. You can even display a full schedule of activities to build anticipation for the fun to come. Digital Signage has the tools to do all of this while maintaining a direct connection to your database, ensuring your information is accurate and guests’ experiences are magical.

Ad Space

Profitable partnerships on display

Build strength in community and foster great relationships with fellow local business owners while also earning extra revenue by offering advertising space on your signs. Digital Signage allows you to rent and present advertisements for other businesses in your area without costing you anything. Add a sequence of back to back ads, or schedule specific times for businesses to be presented to maximize your screen real estate.

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