Messaging & Notifications

Stay Informed About Business Critical Information

Worry Free Reminders and Automation

Stay Updated On System Changes

Keeps you informed about industry outages and feature updates.

Keep Staff Prepared

Enables team members to request help discreetly via text or email.

Automate Communication

Automates or sends reminders for various customizable needs.

Everything You Need to Optimize Communication

Stay informed, communicate effectively, get regular reminders, and take advantage of a consistent approach to notifications. Advantage automates much of the most important communications with notifications if a team member needs assistance or in the case of till discrepancies. Execute perfect events with automated reminders about the most important tasks before and after an event, and maintain guest relationships with customizable automated emails.

Streamlined Communication Tools for Busy Entrepreneurs

Operational Notifications

Real-time alerts to optimize resources

Leverage the feature rich messaging and notification functions within Advantage Console to optimize your operations. Automated notifications for required break times or approaching overtime hours, time off requests, equipment maintenance needs, manager-needed requests, and more are all available. Send texts when communication is time sensitive, emails for regular reporting updates and team schedules, and almost anything else you can think of.

  • Send text or email notifications
  • Get break and overtime notifications
  • Automated maintenance notifications

Cash Control Notifications

Monitor cash safely with automatic notifications

Have a real-time handle on your cash management using this powerful notification system with features designed specifically for cash control. We’ve thought ahead to include optional notifications for a necessary cash drop, end of shift, till discrepancies, and more that can be sent automatically by text or email. Send these to one or multiple people and ensure the right people always know exactly when cash limits are exceeded to help move cash securely, detect discrepancies, and maintain financial integrity.

  • Automatic with certain till events
  • Monitors cash limits
  • Notifications by text or email

Event Notifications

Nothing left to chance. Reminders for consistent events

Transform event planning with seamlessly integrated event milestone and notification features. Mark important tasks and deadlines, receive timely notifications for crucial actions, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your event functions. Whether it’s collecting deposits, sending reminders, or thanking attendees, our system can automate and notify you about it all. With reminders for customizable deadlines and messages that are configurable relative to event days and times, you’ll ensure nothing gets overlooked. With more time to focus on creating memorable experiences for your guests, without the worry of scattered notes and missed deadlines, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Automatic guest communication
  • Reminders based on event time
  • Reminders for specific tasks related to specific events

CenterEdge Critical Alerts

You’ll always hear from us, right from Console

Stay in the loop directly from within Console with notifications about updates, announcements, industry related outages and issues,  helping you resolve problems swiftly and keep your business running at its best. You’ll see patches and software updates along with any important messages directly from CenterEdge when you log in, allowing you to choose when to upgrade and ensuring you’re always informed about the latest features and events. Stay ahead of the game and be proactive in maintaining a smooth operation when you need it most.

  • Messages appear upon logging in
  • Alerts provide important information
  • Locations can prepare for updates and patches

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