Integrated Food & Beverage

Comprehensive Bar & Restaurant Management Solution

From Fast Casual to Full Service & Everything In Between

Improved Guest Experience

Sales are made quickly at any POS station, improving efficiency and eliminating friction.

Increased Revenue

Upgrade experiences with food and fun combos, and upsell F&B items to increase revenue and overall spend.

Easy Set-Up And Use

Integrated with easy to use KDS systems and kitchen printers, making the delivery of food service seamless.

Savor Effortless Food & Beverage Management

Food and beverage is a often big part of a profitable entertainment venue. Deliver any dining options you choose as part of your guest experience. Whether you wish to offer full-service fine dining or quick-service fast casual, you have the tools necessary to manage sales, preparation, fulfillment, and inventory of your entire operation.

Food & Beverage Solutions for Every Appetite

Quick Service

Fast casual made simple

Sell, prepare, and deliver service easily with Quick Service, whether you offer standard concession items or a more robust cafe menu. Create and sell food and beverage items for guests to order and pick up at the counter or to be presented by runners. Integrated kitchen printers and display systems allow you to customize and deliver guest orders seamlessly. Counter Service, Concessions, and Fast Casual service is a breeze with the Quick Service features of Advantage Food & Beverage.

  • Item modifiers make customizations easy for ordering at POS
  • Items are tracked in inventory as orders are sent and prepared, with ability to assign table numbers for runners
  • KDS system integrations allow custom order timing at hot and cold stations
  • Gratuity prompting available with suggested or open amounts

Full Service

Offer a wide scale of food & beverage offerings

Enhance guest experience with elevated food and beverage, which could mean anything from pub fare to fine dining. Guests will love personalized service at tables, bowling lanes, poolside cabanas or party rooms. Restaurant management is simple with visual graphical calendars and zone management. Orders can be sent to kitchen printers or displays with customization for timings, hot and cold stations, and more.

  • Buildable recipes with multiple hot and cold modifiers that allow them to be prepped at different stations for effective kitchen management
  • Ability to offer open checks/split checks options to guests
  • Graphical seating allows for a variety of zones for precise food delivery
  • KDS integrations make food prep easy, along with the ability to customize firing times

Mobile Food & Beverage

Self-service F&B ordering for your guests

Offer your guests self-service food ordering options with CenterEdge’s newest feature set, Mobile Food & Beverage. Drive incremental sales, streamline your guest experience, and reduce labor costs with options for guests to order right from their device. Through our latest integration with mobile F&B software partner, Truffle, you can take advantage of all the quick and full-service dining features you already use, and add the option for mobile ordering, too.

  • Mobile Ordering
  • Contactless Food pickup
  • Unified Inventory & Kitchen Management
  • Consolidated Sales Reporting
  • Delivery Options

Bar Management

Pour consistency into every guest experience

Enable your bar staff to easily manage guest tabs and secure payments, verify ages, and produce cocktails and mocktails at your FEC. With customizable POS screens that automatically display daily and weekly specials and pop-up recipe cards for craft beverages, your staff can provide the exceptional experiences you want to be known for every time

  • Verify guest ages with age verification on POS display
  • Tokenization for open checks
  • Pop-up drink recipes for bar staff to create consistent drinks
  • Create custom drink items that can be tracked as they are sold


Flexible gratuity prompt options at any station

Add service fees, automatic gratuities, or prompt guests with suggested or custom tip amounts anywhere that makes sense at your park. Configurable at the station level, you can decide exactly how and when you would like to prompt guests for gratuity, with tip tracking controls to help you manage payments and tax reporting.

  • Suggested gratuities at the PIN pad
  • Automatic gratuities in restaurant and in events
  • Customizable tip tracking for easy payroll management

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