Pricing Programs

Better Control Over Your Program Expenses and Cashflow

Manage Costs Your Way

Cost Savings

Offset nearly all program costs by implementing a cash discounting program for guests who choose to pay with cash.


Receive interest free equipment funding to reduce upfront costs.

Consistent Rates

Program transparency to help you avoid rate creep and hidden fees.

Flexible Programs for an Enhanced Payment Experience

CenterEdge’s flexible pricing options provide you with better control over operational costs through highly competitive rates, opportunities to greatly reduce processing expenses, and flexible equipment funding.

Pricing Program Features

Dual Pricing

Offset nearly all your processing related costs

Offer your guests the choice in how they pay with Dual Pricing and offset nearly all of the costs associated with processing credit cards. With side-by-side displays on payment terminals, guests can compare the standard and discounted cash prices and decide the payment method that makes the most sense.

  • Offset nearly all payment processing costs
  • Seamless integration into entire Advantage Software suite
  • Real-time, accurate reports and dashboards to track business performance
  • Training talking points and optional signage materials for use in notifying clients of cash and credit prices

Interchange+ Pricing

Simple pricing structure without hidden fees and rate creep

Benefit from a clear, easy-to-understand rate structure, free of unnecessary surcharges. Receive consistent, transparent pricing with minimal monthly fees delivered by CenterEdge’s educated team members.

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Flat rate and single monthly fee for services
  • Custom pricing evaluations to uncover savings opportunities
  • Backed by the CenterEdge team, available when you need us

Flexible Equipment Funding

Interest-free equipment purchase programs

Streamline your facility management processes and systems without worrying about depleting capital with hassle-free equipment funding programs. With fewer upfront costs, you can manage cash flow while realizing program benefits right away.

  • Manage expenses by making a series of pre-set payments
  • Pay less to make the switch to CenterEdge Payments
  • Spread costs out to manage cash flow during off season

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