Peripheral Options That Fit Your Business

Dress Up Your Guest Experience Any Way You Like

Increased Security

Ensure attractions are only accessed by guests with tickets or passes for that attraction.

Enhanced Reporting

Tools that automatically track admission and attraction counts.

Improved Productivity

Biometrics add security and convenience for team members and guests.


Security and Accuracy Are Intuitive

Accessories like scanners, secure PIN pads, biometric readers, and more enable you to speed up admissions, take payments, and ensure your data is accurate and secure by limiting manual input requirements. The Advantage Suite directly supports all the accessories you need most to run a smooth, efficient operation. Harness the power of technology by connecting what you need. Nothing less, nothing more.

Barcode Scanners

Devices for efficient operations

Adding barcodes to admission tickets, special offer discounts, and inventory items helps streamline operations in any family entertainment or amusement venue. They reduce human error and speed up processing, and when they’re fully integrated into your facility management system, you can take full advantage of these benefits. CenterEdge barcode scanners are integrated directly with the software, so Advantage will know exactly what to do with each scan, allowing you to run an efficient, guest-centric operation.

PIN Pads

Secure transactions, simplified

CenterEdge PIN Pads are fully integrated with the Advantage software suite, giving you a reliable and secure way to process payments. Seamless transactions remain connected to your database and appear in your Advantage reports without any extra work on your part. With the freedom to quickly process debit or credit using swipe, chip, tap, and Apple Pay/Google Wallet, your guests will always have options when it comes time to pay. Optional digital signature capture and EMV reading capabilities paired with CenterEdge’s rigorous commitment to security mean you’ll have one less thing to worry about when guests trust you with their payment information.

Mobile Access Control

Compact design, huge power

Take your admissions and attractions on the go with CenterEdge’s mobile access control device. This rugged mini computer with a built-in scanner is designed specifically for fast paced environments and isn’t much bigger than a cell phone. With a convenient and easy to read touch-screen, it’s flexible enough to be used anywhere in the park. It also communicates directly with the back-end system, keeping you always in sync. It has all the processing power you need for your busiest days, packed into one small device.

Biometric Readers

Game winning security

Bring the power of cutting-edge technology to your operation with CenterEdge’s biometric scanning capabilities and experience enhanced security and convenience. Memorizing passwords and pins becomes optional when all it takes for access is the tip of your finger, but you’re still protected from system misuse. Guest verification at kiosks just takes a glance when you enable its facial recognition function. Add fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to your processes to unlock the possibilities this feature set provides.

Check Out More Hardware Add-On Tools

Devices that work seamlessly with your Advantage software to provide your team and guests an exceptional experience.

Self-Service Kiosk

Operate smarter and give guests the power to choose their buying experience.

Specialty Printers

Produce wristbands, tickets, cards, barcodes, labels, and other payment media.

Hybrid Tablet

A versatile device with full access to Advantage anywhere at your location.

Point of Sale

Compact all-in-one machines that power all your daily transactions.