CenterEdge Announces Mobile Food Ordering & Contactless Pickup with Truffle Systems Integration


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Sherry Howell | CenterEdge Software | | 336.598.5934

[Roxboro, NC & Edmonton, AB – 11/7/23] 

CenterEdge Software, a leading provider of point-of-sale, ticketing, events software, and payment processing programs for entertainment and recreation facilities, is pleased to announce a new Mobile Food & Beverage feature set alongside integration partner, Truffle.

The integration with Truffle and resulting feature development will allow CenterEdge users to offer self-service ordering options for food and beverage. Highly visual, mobile-friendly online menus, unified inventory and kitchen management, and consolidated sales reporting provide an easy-to-use experience for guests and sync seamlessly with kitchen display systems and existing inventory through their Advantage database. Further, the addition of Truffle GoBoxes into a facility will allow for secure, self-service pickup, enabling an entertainment venue to increase food and beverage sales while saving time and labor costs.

“When seeking an integration partner for mobile ordering, it was essential that they provide guests with a simple user experience while synching with Advantage to allow our clients to leverage the enhanced power of their existing Advantage software,” says Marcus Mayer, CEO, CenterEdge Software. “We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Truffle, and know our clients will get a lot of value from the partnership.”

“We’re delighted to bring our expertise in ordering, fulfillment, and pickup to CenterEdge’s existing system and clients,” says Omer Choudhary, CEO, Truffle. “Our joint installation clients have already begun to benefit from a wider scope of options with our integrated solution. It’s been exciting so far.”

The integration and enhanced feature set, available exclusively with CenterEdge Payments, is now available to all current and future CenterEdge Users. To learn more about the integration, view solution details here.

About Truffle:

At Truffle, we’re revolutionizing the hospitality industry with innovative solutions that redefine the way customers experience food and beverage services. Our platform is more than just online ordering; it’s a comprehensive suite of tools, including Online Ordering, Kitchen Displays, and Automated Food Lockers, designed to empower Amusement Parks, Entertainment Centers, cafes, and food providers to deliver a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Truffle’s vision is simple yet powerful: to elevate and simplify the dining experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable for both customers and businesses. We’re committed to revolutionizing the hospitality landscape through cutting-edge technology and a passion for excellence.

About CenterEdge Software:
CenterEdge is a leading US-based provider of point-of-sale solutions, secure payment processing, and business excellence mentoring that streamlines full-facility management across multi-attraction amusement parks and entertainment centers. Through proven feature-rich software solutions, entertainment and service expertise, and a true partnership approach, CenterEdge helps entrepreneurs run successful businesses, become pillars in their communities, and offer the best guest, team,
and owner experience.

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