New integrations, Dual Pricing, Mobile Food & Beverage, Click To Pay, and more are now available.

This year, our CenterEdge development team has worked to bring you many new product launches and a series of incremental software enhancements. Between programs like Dual Pricing* and Click To Pay* and new products like the CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet, hundreds of clients saved thousands in credit card fees, increased per capita spending, and improved efficiency in labor spending. But that’s not all!

No. 1: Take a Bite Out of Your Market Share with Mobile Food & Beverage.

Offer your guests the convenience of ordering food from anywhere with Mobile Food & Beverage! Our latest integration with Truffle enables guests to place F&B orders easily from their mobile phones. Seamless synchronization of mobile menus and guest orders with your KDS systems and Advantage ensures centralized inventory and kitchen management.

Want to go contactless? Incorporate a Truffle GoBox secure food locker for contactless pickup. With Mobile Food & Beverage, you can increase food and beverage sales while streamlining your kitchen operation, labor, and inventory. Contact our team today to learn more about Mobile Food & Beverage and the Truffle Integration.

No. 2: Offset nearly 100% of Credit Card Processing Costs with Dual Pricing.

Hundreds of clients have already begun saving, on average, 96% of their credit card processing costs by adopting CenterEdge’s Dual Pricing* program. Rather than universally raising prices or eating into your profitability, Dual Pricing allows you to offset costs by presenting guests with both a standard payment price and a lower price when a cash payment is chosen.

Your guests benefit from transparency when presented with side-by-side pricing options: a standard price and a discounted cash price. Guests can easily see the cost difference so they can make an informed decision when paying for anything: events, attractions, food & beverage, and more.  All revenue and fees are tracked and allocated separately and accurately without you ever having to do a thing!

A dedicated CenterEdge onboarding team, training materials, and signage are also provided. Contact our CenterEdge Payments team today to discuss whether Dual Pricing through CenterEdge Payments is right for your business.

No. 3: Take payments easier and more securely than ever with Click To Pay. 

Click To Pay is one of the most popular new features available to CenterEdge users. This exciting new feature set allows you to effortlessly and securely process payments for events, accounts receivable, and dining. On top of Click to Pay capabilities being available in A/R, the newest updates include a form available across multiple applications to view and filter a list of payments made online.

Event Deposits
Rather than taking event deposits over the phone, Click To Pay allows you to send a secure payment link to guests via email or text right from the booking inside Advantage. Future payments can be made to the same (secure, tokenized) payment method, at a station, or online with a new payment request you email or text.

Accounts Receivable Payments
Accounts receivable payments are also a breeze. Simply send current A/R invoices followed by a payment request, and account holders can submit payments faster than ever.

Dining Payments (Pay-At-The-Table)
The Click To Pay feature set also gives you access to the Pay-At-The-Table feature. You can now generate printed checks for guests featuring customizable messaging, such as “Save time. Pay at the Table”. Guests simply scan a QR code to visit the secure payment portal to make payment quickly so they can get back to playing. Even after dining checks have been delivered, any additional items ordered are automatically added to the check, so there’s no need to reprint checks or risk of taking payment for the wrong amounts.

No. 4: Give Guests a Better Buying Experience with Improved eCommerce Sites. 

Graphical Calendars are now available on all Advantage online stores!
Allow your guests to choose their poolside cabana, cabin, campsite rental, or anything else online when they make their purchases.

Collect a name and phone number during guest checkouts.
Many CenterEdge users require guests to create an online account when making a purchase or booking a party. However, you can now allow buyers to check out as a guest by providing a name and phone number so that you still have a means for contacting them for upsells, confirmation calls, etc.

Increase online sales with player card add-ons.
You can now offer player cards as an upsell online with the ability to add player cards as a modifier item. When making a purchase, guests can simply add a player card to their order as a part of a choice set included in a modifier template, making it easy to boost presales and create a better buying experience for guests. 

No. 5: Allow guests to recognize your team with gratuity prompts. 

As tipping becomes more commonplace, you have more options than ever to prompt for gratuity at any station you choose. New settings allow you to customize when your PIN pads invite guests to leave gratuities. Prompt for gratuities at point-of-sale stations at a snack bar, retail shop, merchandise station, or even at Admissions, in addition to your restaurants and cafes.

No. 6: Customize your guest experience with these kiosk enhancements. 

Improved waiver search functionality.
During a waiver search, a group of people initially processed together appear together in searches, allowing them to purchase tickets and confirm waivers faster.

Customize the order of items sold at Advantage Kiosks.
Make kiosk purchases easier and faster for guests with a customizable setup. New settings in Advantage Kiosks honor orders configured in Advantage Console’s Area Setup at the kiosk, allowing you to present your offerings as you see fit.

Require waivers for a variety of offerings at Advantage Kiosk.
Flexible waiver options allow more customization at the kiosk. Ability to configure any item type to require a waiver at Advantage Kiosk. Waiver settings configured in Advantage are honored by the kiosk, allowing more flexibility in requiring waivers.

Customize the waiver confirmation email guests receive.
Give site-specific legal or guest experience information with customizable confirmation text that can be configured in the Admin Portal.

No. 7: Streamline Your Operations With These Other Enhancements.

These back-office updates and new reports will help you manage guest incidents, taxes, ticket sales and more.

Report guest incidents in guest profiles.
A new tab inside a guest’s customer profile provides a form where you can record the date, time, incident details, and any measures taken.

Custom QR Code Receipt Capabilities

Customize printed receipts with QR codes that drive guests to surveys, special offers,  social media, review sites, and more.

New Reports

  • Taxable Sales Payments Breakdown. This report provides a percentage breakdown of cash vs. credit card payments that were applied to taxable items. Useful for transactions with multiple tender types, the report helps meet tax requirements in some states.
  • A/R Consignment Activity Summary. This report displays counts for all transactions to a consignment vendor A/R account in item summary format, with the option to display summary counts at the voucher level. This report allows you to specify a date range of up to a year and displays item quantities and pre-tax amounts for all vendors.
  • A/R Consignment Activity Detail. This report outlines a consignment vendor’s voucher redemptions, including the amount, tax amount, redemption date, and item details for each voucher. The report includes a filter for active and inactive vendors for more targeted reporting.
  • Reserved Ticket Sales. This report displays guest and purchase information for tickets and capacity-related tickets. This information is useful for contacting guests about schedules or other changes related to their purchase and can be filtered to only include tickets sold online.

For more information about using the new features, check out this year’s 2024 LTS Help Documentation. Contact us today to schedule your upgrade to begin taking advantage of these new tools.

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*Click to Pay, Dual Pricing, and Mobile Food & Beverage programs are available exclusively with CenterEdge Payments. 

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