How many of you dread the day that the 78 boxes from your redemption supplier show up? Unpacking the entire order and putting it in your stock room where your staff can find what they need to restock is hard enough but the amount of time it takes to receive all that stuff is by far, much worse. I used to spend hours of my day  gathering new item information like descriptions, barcode information, point totals, case quantities, cost per piece, cost per case and stock numbers  I dealt with this many times a month as a manager of a facility over the last eight years. That was before we installed Advantage Redemption from CenterEdge Software.

Advantage Redemption takes the hassle out of your daily or monthly receiving process. With CenterEdge’s Advantage Redemption you have the ability to import digital packing lists from your redemption suppliers that contain all the vital product information in an electronic file. All of your items pack sizes, barcodes and cost amounts are included along with the ability to choose categories and subcategories that your items are associated with. Redemption companies like Rhode Island Novelty, Fun Express, Redemption Plus and Bonita Marie all support CenterEdge DPL’s. Whether you have to receive 200 cases or 2 cases, the process is dramatically shortened thanks to the digital packing list import feature found in Advantage Redemption.

When you place your order with your redemption supplier, ask if they support digital packing lists for CenterEdge Software. Have the supplier email the DPL to you when the order ships. When you receive your DPL and your order, a few simple button clicks are all that’s needed to turn that half day job into minutes instead of hours. Stop wasting your day receiving inventory and find out how using digital packing lists can increase your productivity and save you valuable time.

To find out more about the suppliers who support CenterEdge DPL’s or to schedule a demo of Advantage Redemption, call us at 336-598-5934 or go online to 

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