CenterEdge Advantage 14.1, released this June, has added several new features to give our new and existing customers additional options in our Point of Sale, Groups, and Manager Console.

One of our most requested new features is the addition of an Inventory Type called Timed Items. Timed Items are sold at the Point of Sale, and allow a site to track the total usage time of that sale. The final price is then calculated based on the how long the item was in use.  For example, using the Timed Item type, you could rent your pool tables in 30 minute increments, with the “clock” starting when the sale is made and stopping when they return the equipment.  Then the sale is completed and the total charge is calculated.

Also included in this release is the ability to add Movie Tickets to a Package.  So now from your Movies POS screen you can sell a package containing a Movie Ticket along with concession items like popcorn or even other ticket items like a game of Laser Tag.

An exciting feature for our Water Parks and other outdoor venues is the new Rain check System.  A location can now issue bulk Rain Checks for Barcode Ticket Items, allowing customers to reuse previously activated tickets in the event of a rainout or other interruption to the event.  The ability to issuing rain checks security controlled, and is performed through the Manager Console.

Additionally, we’ve improved our international support by implementing support for Value Added Tax (VAT).  With this mode enabled, all taxes are treated as tax included, but the tax amount is printed as an information line at the bottom of the receipt instead of removing from the sale price of the item.

For a complete list of features for 14.1, please see our CenterEdge Advantage 14.1 Release Information.

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