Customer Service Week is October 2–6, 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate your team members. It could very well give you the competitive advantage you need!

Great managers find ways to recognize team members and show their staff appreciation every day, but taking part in the annual US National Customer Service Week is a great way to systematize and solidify your dedication to your team.

Boosting positivity by celebrating your team is often reflected in an immediate increase in team collaboration and morale. In fact, at CenterEdge, our Customer Service Week celebrations continue to grow year over year. Just from the 2016 to 2017 seasons, our Team Engagement Committee has doubled in size!

The best part is that happy team members in your facility will also earn you increased guest interaction, upsells, and repeat business. In short, celebrating your team gives your facility a competitive advantage.  As the saying goes, team members who feel appreciated will always do more than expected. Always. 

Here are three quick tips to help you host a great Customer Service Week.

No. 1: Start with a goal in mind.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your celebration. This year’s official theme is “building trust” but you can focus on any goal you feel strongly about. At the end of the week or event, how do you want team members to think, feel or act? If you simply want them to feel appreciated, then perhaps consider activities that show you’re thinking about them, like breakfasts on you, goody bag treats, or hand-written thank you cards. 

If your intention is recognition, consider awards ceremonies, compiling positive guest survey results and team member recognition activities that get them talking about what they admire about each other. In fact, why not get your guests involved?  Post signage in your facility and on social media asking them to give a high five, shout out, etc. to the “center MVP” (the team member who made the biggest impact on their day). Then collect responses from the week and read them out in a celebration on the last day. 

If you want to take part in the national theme of building trust, consider trust building activities. Think team scavenger hunts and cooperative games, puzzles and trivia challenges. Has your team been asking for things like coat hooks in the break room or better music at closing time? Show them that you’re worthy of their trust by making some of those things you’ve happen for them.

Whatever your objectives are, make sure that for each activity you plan, you consider what you want to accomplish, and how it ties back to that objective.

No. 2: Enlist a team.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself—involve team members. With just a few weeks left to prepare for this year, focus on getting a team to help with decorations, goody bag ideas, and activity logistics. Your team will be excited to do something outside their usual routine, and you’ll build trust and engagement by providing growth and leadership opportunities.  Who knows, you might even see your next supervisor or party coordinator shine in your committee. Afterwards, consider getting a group to talk about what went well and brainstorm ideas for next year.

No. 3: Make it fun.

Remember to carefully consider your audience as you plan. Sure, a little “cheese factor” is to be expected and provides for some great laughs, but think about activities that your team would like the best. You might think We Are Family is the greatest song ever composed, but your team might look at you like you’re a dinosaur if you try to make them dance to it. The better in line you can be with the things that they’re interested in, the more impact your ideas will have. 

Bottom Line

Ready to get started? The Customer Service Group has packaged up sample objectives, ideas and free themed support materials to help you make long lasting memories with your staff.

At the end of the day, your ideas, and activities don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be heartfelt. Approach the week with the intention of showing how much you care, and you’ll have a winner every time. Happy Celebrating!

Have ideas you’d like to share about your Customer Service Week team celebrations? Reply to us here or on Twitter!

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