In “Role” Call posts, we feature some of our outstanding team members and the roles they play in delivering exceptional customer service to fellow coworkers and clients alike. Because, at CenterEdge, we believe our team is a big part of what makes us special.

We’re pleased to introduce the CenterEdge team member of the month: John Lochbaum, our Purchasing Agent. You might know John from a support call since he’s spent almost two years serving you in technical support. For the past few months, he’s been transitioning to Administration to meet the ordering needs of new and expanding clients. Because he’s an expert at troubleshooting and has a deep understanding of our hardware and your unique needs and challenges, he’ll be able to help you with replacement or new products.

What we love about John…

We love that he always makes himself available to people who have questions, and that he’s humble with a great sense of humor. He’s outnumbered in his house with two daughters, Peyton (6) and Addison (3), so we imagine they keep him laughing when he’s home. 

In his own words…

What do you love most about our CenterEdge clients?

I love that they’re really nice and down to Earth. They’re easy to talk to.  I like to help think about coordinating things for them to meet their timeframes and specific needs.image (1).png

Which of our core values speaks to you the most?

I like accountability because I think it’s important to take ownership of things. At work it helps me serve our clients and help their businesses

Let’s do a fun fact.  What is the #1 played song in your music library? 

Ray Charles: Unchain My Heart. I found it last year when I started listening to older stuff and fell in love with his music. Him and Stevie Wonder. Good music is dead these days.

Say hi to John at jhlochbaum@centeredgesoftware.comFor more information, visit the company at or follow CenterEdge on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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