Operate your busy FEC smarter with these essential facility management software features.

Running a profitable FEC is harder than it looks, and to do it effectively, you need to streamline your business a much as possible. Your facility management software should help make your job easier by centralizing sales, revenue, and reporting all in one place.

But in addition to that, you also need your solution to help you manage costs and increase sales. Today, we’re sharing five ways your facility management software solution should help make your life easier.

No. 1: Make it easy for guests to buy from you.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we have to meet guests where they are. That means allowing them to make purchases when and how they prefer.

Your facility needs an integrated eCommerce site with a wide range of options available for purchase online. Admissions, capacity tickets, passes, packages, retail merchandise, and gift cards are all examples of items that should be available for sale on your website.

Onsite, making it easy to buy from you means your frontline staff is adequately trained and that their point of sale screens have been thoughtfully designed to make it easy for them to conduct transactions and offer upsells.

Allowing your guests to buy onsite at self-service kiosks can also go a long way towards shortening wait times and giving guests easy ways to make purchases.

By offering online, self-service, and a more streamlined admissions experience, you not only let guests control how they engage, but you can also reduce labor costs while boosting profitability.

No. 2: Create recurring revenue with memberships.

Memberships are a great way to boost revenue and encourage repeat business, and these programs can even be driven by automated recurring billing. The benefit of a comprehensive membership and rewards program is that it can incentivize a guest for all purchases in a facility, not just in one area, such as arcade or attraction purchases.  Memberships are dependable revenue streams for facilities and are also beneficial to guests looking for benefits and incentives.

No. 3: Eliminate human errors in party and events booking.

Events make up a large portion of your business, and you need to be able to book, invoice, schedule, and manage events quickly and easily. Your software should offer an integrated online booking experience that’s mobile-friendly and includes automated upselling prompts. Dynamic pricing ensures that package price points are upheld as certain package quantities or contents are changed.

When you have multiple attractions and party rooms with capacity limitations, as well as food, you need a system that can automatically reserve tickets and times without the risk of overbooking or missed food orders.

Further, electronic invitations and RSVP tracking functionality can help you speed check-in with guests completing waivers in advance. These time-savers allow guests to get to the fun faster while helping party hosts keep up with guest counts and any additional guests that attend so that admissions, attractions, and food can be added to the event and any invoices as necessary.

No. 4: Streamline your food service.

An integrated facility management solution that includes robust food and beverage features allows you to manage inventory, sales, and food preparation all in one place so you’ll always know costs of goods sold, quantities on hand, and how items are being used in your facility.

Separate food and beverage POS systems provide only basic interface abilities without adequate support for admission, membership management, online sales and event reservations, attraction capacity management, or comprehensive game room cashless system integrations.

Instead, consider a facility management software that can effectively streamline your kitchen operations using features like kitchen display systems, check management, enhanced ordering modifiers, and graphical seating. With a thoughtfully built-out food and beverage software component, you may find you don’t need a whole separate program to run your FEC’s restaurant.

No. 5: Combine facility management with credit card processing.

In talking with many of our clients, we’ve learned that credit card processing has become a significant pain point in our industry. Large fees, confusing statements, and poor customer service have been among the top complaints about some providers.

When you have an issue with a guest’s payment, you need help fast. A facility management software with an in-house credit card processing program can help you save time and headaches by giving you a single point of contact for support. And, as is the case with our CenterEdge Payments program, you could benefit from lower fees and a more transparent approach to pricing as well as service.

You don’t have time to worry about managing multiple systems to keep things running smoothly. Contact us for a personalized demo and learn how CenterEdge can help make your job – and your life – easier.



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