Food & Beverage

Integrated food & beverage POS software and inventory management for your FEC, amusement park, waterpark, trampoline park or specialty attraction.

CenterEdge makes it easy to integrate food & beverage with POS, inventory control, accounting and other critical systems, helping you consolidate operations and increase concession, quick-serve and full-service sales.

Integrate Food & Beverage with All POS

Handle concessions, quick-serve, and full-service food offerings with ease.

Customizable layout and modifier prompts improve transaction times.

Automated pricing and product availability reduce costly errors.

Keep things flowing with multiple kitchen displays, bump bars and printers.

Custom graphical seating overlays improve service in your restaurant, bar and cabanas.

Support cash or credit gratuity, split checks and combined checks.

Why CenterEdge Food & Beverage POS?

With CenterEdge, you can fully manage any size food operation – from a small concession counter to a full-service sit-down dining experience – and truly integrate food and beverage sales with the rest of your operation. Offer concessions as part of an admissions package. Seamlessly manage inventory. Break down tips for effortless cash-out. Automatically route orders to expo printers or manage via a Kitchen Display System. It’s all in one place – and incredibly easy.

  • Enhance security with biometric system login and controlled cash drawer access
  • Modifier choices and selections improve preparation accuracy
  • Tokenize credit cards for secured food & beverage tabs
  • Automatically update menu boards with CenterEdge’s digital signage
  • Auto-generate purchase orders and manage cost of goods
  • Support multiple food service vendors and costs per inventory item
  • Enjoy full audit capabilities, including blind audits
  • Import electronic packing lists

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