Use digital signage for marketing, product features, menus, and more to make your screens work harder for your business.

Your FEC most likely has many TVs and monitors through the facility. Should you just tune in to Sports Center and be done with it? The short answer is – no! Your screens have the potential to work for your business in many different ways, and each screen can make its own powerful contribution if you’re strategic about the content you share through Digital Signage. Read on for five ways to harness the power of customer facing digital signage.

No. 1: Make dynamic menu boards.

You can sync unique content to be shared across almost every screen in your facility through CenterEdge’s Digital Signage module. One of the key ways is through the use of dynamic menu boards. At Admissions, display attractions and packages, at Party Central, display party packages and at the quick serve cafe, you can even depict images with food offerings – or any combination. What’s great about using signage to create dynamic menu boards is that pricing is automatically updated on your boards when it’s updated in your software. This means that if you’re offering $5 margaritas for Taco Tuesday, and you’ve set the special price for that item in your software, they’ll appear on your menu board accurately, just like they do at the point of sale.

No. 2: Depict attractive specials and videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload images or videos to market featured menu items, a new specialty dessert, to showcase the fun of your birthday parties, memberships, or any other item you’d like to highlight. You can even use signage to call your guests to action. Want everyone using a unique hashtag or sharing their TikTok videos in your facility? In-store signage is a great way to encourage guests having fun to get creative on the social media platform of their choice, and create content on your behalf. One or more images or videos can be set to loop so that guests throughout the day are seeing your important messages.

No. 3: Display attraction capacity.

As FECs have been reopening with new capacity management structures in place, many facilities have elected to display the number of remaining admission or attraction tickets for a given day in their online store. This allows guests more control over when they visit your facility. This can be a useful tool to have onsite in your digital signage as well. Linked with your capacity management module, this can automatically update as tickets are sold into your various timed-sessions.

No 4:  Welcome groups or birthday parties.

Another great use of signage is to display personal messages to groups and birthday parties. Wish happy birthday to all incoming parties, display birthday children’s names outside party rooms, or even post a welcome message to a corporate group or teen party. In fact, during the recent virtual Birthday University event, Frank Price mentioned the importance of delivering a unique and exclusive experience for teen parties. Perhaps you give a teen’s party room a unique dance club name to elevate the experience.

You could even sell screen time to groups, allowing them to send videos or slideshows in advance to be programmed on multiple screens in your facilities. This could be attractive to groups during a full or partial facility buyout where they’d want their content to be shown simultaneously across all the screens in the facility, at the bowling lanes, or around the skating area, for example.

No 5: Advertise other local businesses.

Many facilities partner with other local businesses to provide ad space on digital signage boards. Local sports groups, charity organizations and small businesses will often pay to promote their ads on your signage for a period of time.

Implementing just one approach inside your facility could help boost passive revenue.  How are you using digital signage in your facility? Share with us in the comments or on Twitter.

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