Online Sales & Ticketing

Your guests get just about everything online. Shouldn’t they be able to buy a pass or package to your facility on their computer or smartphone? With CenterEdge online sales & ticketing software, they can.

If you’re not selling admissions, memberships and packages online, you’re leaving money on the table. Unfortunately, most FECs, amusement parks, waterparks, trampoline parks and specialty attractions don’t have the horsepower or time to build their own eCommerce store.

CenterEdge online sales & ticketing software makes it easy to create an experience guests will love – and integrate it with your local CenterEdge Advantage POS software solution.

Deliver a Fantastic Online Experience

Launch a best-in-class eCommerce store with ease – no hosting, no IT and no hassle.

Integrates directly with your Advantage POS, no separate capacity or inventory to manage.

Allow guests to book birthday parties and group events online without ever picking up the phone.

Sell timed and capacity-restricted admissions online without fear of overbooking.

Offer liability waivers online, speeding up in-store processing times.

Increase revenue with targeted add-ons and upsells during the checkout process.

Why Sell Online with CenterEdge?

eCommerce is hard to do right. There’s a lot to think about: store branding and layout, hosting, product management, PCI compliance … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With CenterEdge, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our online sales and ticketing software application acts as an extension of your POS system, allowing you to quickly start selling on the web 24/7/365 and operates smartly from any device—no need for a separate app! Your guests will love the ease and convenience – and you’ll love the extra money you make.

  • Make any ticket, admission package or item available online with a few clicks
  • Drive gift card, season pass, and membership sales all year long
  • You’re in full control over descriptions, images, and pricing
  • Automatically sync product changes to your web store
  • Charge convenience fees for additional revenue
  • Examine advanced reporting and analytics on traffic and sales
  • Build your marketing database with zero extra work
  • Collect valid waivers instantly at the time of sale

See Advantage POS in Action

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