Mobile Food & Beverage is Here!

As a savvy operator, you always have an eye on industry trends and consumer expectations. More and more, consumers are saying that they want to engage with brands on their own terms, with many preferring self-led buying experiences and, at times, fewer interactions with staff.

Coupled with the rising costs of labor and doing business, this is one shift that many business owners are starting to embrace. We firmly believe that it’s the thousands of team members who make magic in our industry, helping families connect in meaningful ways every single day. But instead of choosing to either lose the “human element” or reject technology and automation outright, the best operators find ways to leverage the best of both.

If you haven’t heard, CenterEdge’s newest feature set, Mobile Food & Beverage, and our integration with Mobile F&B partner, Truffle, allows you to give independent guests the mobile experience they want. Read on for five ways Mobile Food & Beverage can help you automate where possible while retaining the best guest experience and saving you time and money.

No. 1: Improve revenue and guest experience with mobile food ordering.

With CenterEdge’s latest feature, Mobile Ordering, you can offer an easy-to-use mobile ordering experience for those who favor self-service options over traditional counter or wait staff-based ordering. Simply share menu QR codes or guide guests to your online menu, enabling them to quickly and easily place orders for any item on your menu. This approach can increase sales when guests don’t have to interrupt their fun to make the decision to go to your counter or cafe.

Once orders are ready, you have the flexibility to either deliver them anywhere on your premises or inform guests via text message so they can pick up their orders.

With guests placing orders through their mobile devices, your frontline guest service staff can focus where they’re needed most, such as engaging and interacting with guests throughout the facility. Rather than taking orders, they can engage in activities that enhance the guest experience, like providing recommendations, answering questions, and helping guests make the most of their time with you.

No. 2: Save labor and time with contactless pickup.

Truffle GoBoxes are easy-to-use lockers to store food and beverage orders for secure, self-service, contactless pickup. GoBoxes can enhance the overall guest experience by providing a hassle-free and contactless method for retrieving orders. These lockers not only save time for both guests and staff but can also help improve order accuracy, reducing the risk of errors because guests retrieve their orders by scanning or entering a code at the time of retrieval.

This approach also promotes operational efficiency by eliminating the need for name calls and guest searches, allowing kitchen staff to concentrate on food preparation and fulfilling orders and freeing your guest experience team up to engage elsewhere.

No. 3: Increase efficiency with streamlined inventory and kitchen management. 

Operational efficiency isn’t just found in order delivery with Mobile Food and Beverage. With customizable mobile menus, you have the freedom to tailor your offerings to your liking, whether it’s showcasing your full menu or focusing on specific items like pizza.

Orders are communicated seamlessly to your existing kitchen printers and kitchen display systems so that your food preparation team can fulfill orders promptly. Recipe and menu items are removed from your Advantage Inventory in real-time, so you have one place to go when it’s time to order new product.

And last, you never have to worry about selling something that you’ve 86’d. With the integration’s Unified Inventory and Kitchen Management, you don’t have to manually remove 86’d items from mobile menus or run out of stock inadvertently, as everything is expertly handled through Advantage.

No. 4: Keep a firm handle on your sales and profitability with consolidated sales reporting.

When implementing a mobile food and beverage offering, you don’t just need streamlined inventory and kitchen management; you also need consolidated sales reporting to help you gauge the health of your overall program. With the new Mobile Food and Beverage feature set, you benefit from having a complete picture of your entire food and beverage operation regardless of whether your guests order onsite or online, with a team member, or by mobile device.

All sales report into existing CenterEdge reports that you can use to view sales versus labor, costs of goods sold, item popularity, and more.

No. 5: Think outside the box to drive incremental sales.

And, while you’re continuing to improve and evolve your experience, consider how you might further drive food and beverage sales, such as by introducing takeout or delivery service to your community. With the integration with Truffle, your guests can now conveniently place orders from your restaurant or cafe online, right from the comfort of their homes. Use GoBoxes or offer delivery service with Truffle Delivery Partners and who knows, you could introduce a whole new revenue stream for your business.

In short, CenterEdge’s Mobile Food & Beverage feature set allows you to offer convenient ordering options that guests love while streamlining your operations and opening up opportunities for additional revenue. To learn more about the feature set and the Truffle Integration, contact us at

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