In a fast-paced FEC, efficiency and accuracy are the keys to keeping the lines moving and the revenue flowing.  

These truths are, for most of us, what drives the constant effort to improve our Point of Sales processes and upgrade our facility management systems.  The quest for faster-moving lines and more secure cash handling in our theaters, laser tag facilities, and trampoline parks, has lead us to replace cash registers and cigar boxes with touch-screen POS systems and high-speed receipt printers.  

Ironically, this focus on the cash-specific aspects of the sales process has often caused folks to overlook what is fast becoming our nation’s primary payment method – credit/debit cards.  In many facilities credit card sales already significantly outpace all other payment forms, and the fastest POS system in the world will slow to a crawl if you can’t process credit cards efficiently.  We have all been in lines watching a frustrated clerk trying to re-key a sale into a secondary terminal, or worse yet struggling to figure out which way to load the receipt in the knuckle-buster, while the line gets longer and customers start turning away. 

Don’t let those be you lines!  Schedule a demo of the CenterEdge POS system today!

3 benefits of an integrated Credit Card system: tightly integrated component of your overall FEC management system.  

  • Reduce employee error – eliminating the need to re-key a purchase also eliminates the opportunity to transpose numbers, leave off digits, or any of the other diabolical ways employees invent to make your end of day balance reports a daily nightmare.

  • Improve transaction Speed – keeping your lines moving since the system quickly and accurately handles all aspects of the sales transaction.

  • Centralize Support – having multiple systems to complete a transaction  usually means multiple companies help desks to deal with.  With an integrated system you have make one call to someone who is familiar with every aspect of your POS system, not just their component (also reducing the time spent hearing one company blame the problem on the other, with neither able to resolve you problem).

So as you are considering updating your cash management systems, don’t overlook the benefits of an integrated credit card system.  Find out today just how much a more efficient POS sytem can save your business!


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