Upgrade your waiver system now to prepare your business to welcome guests back.

While your first priorities right now are to keep those around you healthy and safe, you’re no doubt thinking of how to reduce the impacts of this unforeseen situation on your business.

In addition to keeping abreast of what medical organizations and local authorities are communicating, remember that member organizations such as IAAPA, IATP and AMOA offer a wealth of resources, legislative action items and continual updates to help you stay informed.

With the time you have left managing all those very important tasks, it’s a good idea to address all those other important, but not previously urgent, action items you’ve been meaning to take care of so that when you’re ready to reopen, you’ll set out at maximum efficiency.

Once the isolation restrictions lift, your FEC or amusement facility will want to be prepared to welcome the public and your guests back. If your facility uses liability waivers, now is a great time to upgrade your waiver system so that you offer guests a better experience than ever. Here are 3 benefits you’ll see as a result.

#1. Fast waiver completion

The new CenterEdge waiver interface allows guests to complete waivers faster. With an optional driver’s license scanner, guests can opt to simply scan a drivers’ license to automatically populate most of the customer information, allowing them to finish the waiver with minimal data entry.

new CE waiver

#2. Increased check-in speed

The new waiver process eliminates the waiver queue. This means that completed waivers are immediately available at the point of sale for tickets purchased with staff. Your team can quickly verify waivers and check in guests at the time of purchase.  Staff use a new, simplified search function to search all or part of a guest’s name, and then can automatically verify and assign it to the ticket being purchased, greatly reducing the time it takes to check guests in.

For tickets purchased at a self-service kiosk, waivers can be accessed using facial recognition or a simple text message to a cell phone to validate the person making the purchase has a valid waiver. The guest can pay right there at the kiosk, or can take a receipt and complete the transaction with a team member and receive any media such as tickets or wristbands, as well as any other items that are part of the purchase (such as socks for a jump ticket).

#3. Consistent online and onsite waiver experience

In addition to all of the onsite efficiencies, the new waiver system delivers a consistent look and feel between your online and onsite waiver. This streamlines the experience and reduces friction-causing confusion, and also makes it easier for staff to aid guests, as they only have to remember the details of one waiver experience to help walk someone through.

The new waiver experience is available to all CenterEdge clients with an active Licensing and Service Agreement (LSA). If you haven’t upgraded to the 2020 LTS and the new Advantage Web platform, a CenterEdge Client Advocate will assist when you begin your upgrade.

Contact support@centeredgesoftware.com or call 336.598.5934, Option 2 to schedule, or for more information.

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