Integrated Waivers

Liability waivers might be the most important – and troublesome – documents in your trampoline park, fun center or other attraction. CenterEdge integrated waiver software helps you managed waivers carefully without creating bottlenecks.

CenterEdge integrated liability waivers help make retention compliance and recordkeeping simple by letting guests sign waivers online or at your facility.

Integrated liability waivers are better for your guests and minimize legal exposure for you and your business.

Totally Seamless Waivers

Allow guests to complete waivers online 24/7 and check in instantly once they arrive.

Easily process waivers for families with multiple children.

Reduce wait times and frustration with a seamless in-store waiver experience.

Minimize legal exposure by keeping completed waivers organized and accessible.

Supports waivers completed via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Never accidentally forget to collect a waiver again.

Why Integrated Waivers?

For attractions like trampoline parks, go-karts and ropes courses, liability waivers are critical legal protection. But they’re also a pain to collect, manage and store. CenterEdge makes it easy by integrating waivers with your POS system and workflows. Let guests sign waivers on their own device or at an in-store kiosk. Collect waivers from RSVPs before a birthday party. Keep track of who’s signed (and who hasn’t) instantly. Give guests the experience they deserve.

  • Tag any attraction in the POS as requiring a waiver
  • Customize all text, clauses and requirements
  • Ensure compliance with retention and expiration rules
  • Offer waivers in multiple languages
  • Identify possible copies to prevent duplicate entry
  • View completed waivers directly within the POS

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