Introducing The CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet

Successfully operating your day-to-day business can be challenging, and sometimes, you may wish for an extra set of hands to help manage sales, event, and inventory tasks. But while you can add staff to a shift, simply assigning them to a fixed workstation may limit their ability to perform their job function as effectively as you desire. Enter: the CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet. 

CenterEdge’s all-new Hybrid Tablet is a mobile point of sale that enables you to position staff wherever they are needed throughout your FEC or amusement park – with the tools they need to maximize their productivity.

Read on for 7 things you’ll love about the all-new CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet.

No 1: A Sleek Design with a Few Surprises

The Hybrid Tablet offers a sleek design with an 11.6” touchscreen LCD display. But what makes this tablet truly stand out is its swivel mount charging station that can easily transition the tablet from a handheld solution to a fixed workstation.

It also boasts a Celeron J6412 2Ghz processor and standard 8G RAM, which is faster than previous tablet solutions, and an improved Wi-Fi connection to provide a more stable experience for your team.

 No 2: More Versatile than Ever

The Hybrid tablet gives you access to your full Advantage Software Suite anywhere you need it in your facility. When roaming functionality isn’t needed, simply attach to the base for pop-up work stations throughout your park.

It comes equipped with a 2D scanner and shoulder strap, making it easier to handle transactions on the go. Choose configuration options to support magstripe card or NFC technology, making it easy to use with various cashless system integrations.  Optional add-ons include:

  • A ruggedized, shock-absorbing rubber case with shock absorption to keep your device protected in all environments.
  • A Bluetooth Link/2500 PIN pad with an optional belt holster to process secure credit card transactions quickly.

No 3: Line Bust with the Best of ‘Em

Your business doesn’t stand still, and you need tools that allow your team to manage your traffic flow nimbly.  With a handheld station, you can improve overall guest experience by positioning staff near Admissions to help direct traffic or conduct simple sales transactions, reducing wait time and bottlenecks.

No 4: Never Miss Another Sale

The revenue-boosting capabilities of this high-performance tablet are virtually endless. Access to the point of sale and Advantage Events allows you to sell attractions, food and beverage, or gameplay wherever your guests are in the facility.

For water park and outdoor amusement park users, for example, the new tablet enables you to sell everything from cabana side food and drinks to sunscreen or other merchandise from a mobile cart, creating a place for guests to buy experience enhancers throughout your park.

Indoors, take the point of sale directly to your guests for food or fun. Add funds to game cards in the arcade, create a gift card sales station, elevate your food and beverage with tableside service, or create your own use cases based on how your facility works!

No. 5: Manage Events Seamlessly

Events are better with a mobile point of sale. Use a CE Hybrid Tablet to manage RSVP lists at check-in, add new guests, food, attractions and gameplay, or even to provide a dedicated server for parents and guests who aren’t on the official guest list. When it’s time to wrap up, checkout is much easier with a party coordinator who can go from party to party, confirming invoice totals, inquiring about experiences, and taking payments.

No. 6: Faster Check-Ins

In addition to helping you manage event guest lists, the CE Hybrid Tablet allows you to check in and validate waivers for party attendees and guests who pre-purchased admission or attraction tickets. Using a tablet to check in guests help them move through admissions and into your park so they can get started having the best day ever that much sooner.

No. 7: Improved Inventory Management

It’s not just guest interactions that are made better with the CE Hybrid Tablet. Back-of-the-house tasks are, too. Use it to conduct inventory, update purchase orders, and receive and check new products into the system quickly and efficiently with the tool that goes where you go.

In the end, you may not need extra hands, just the right tools to help save you time and make your job easier. Contact us to learn more about the CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet and to order yours today!


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