Newest Features From CenterEdge

The CenterEdge team has been working on a number of new integrations and features to make your life easier, and they’re now available as part of our 2023 Long-Term Support Version. Schedule your upgrade to our 2023 software version now to gain access to these exciting features.

Click-to-Pay and Pay at the Table Integration available for CenterEdge Payments

Streamline Event Payments and Deposits

We’re excited to announce that CenterEdge Payments users can now allow guests to pay using a secure payment link. This will make taking group event deposits easier than ever. You’ll be able to send a secure payment link via email at the time of booking (or any time leading up to an event) to take and tokenize deposits and payments. This feature is currently available for Advantage Groups and will soon be available for Accounts Receivable. 

Save Time. Pay at the Table.

Wait staff can distribute guest checks with printed QR codes that guests can scan to pay dining checks and bar tabs online from their mobile devices. Guests visit a secure payment portal and can add gratuity as suggested or decide otherwise before completing the payment. 

With the new feature, default receipt text prompts guests to “Save time. Pay at the table.” But this text is customizable, so you can adjust receipt messaging as desired.  

Station-Specific Gratuity Prompting

One of the features we’re really excited about is the ability to prompt for gratuities at point-of-sale stations on PIN pads even in areas where you haven’t historically accepted tips. Now whether you want to prompt for gratuity at a snack bar, a retail shop or merchandise station, or even at Admissions, you can do so at any station you choose. 

And, if you’re using the Lane5000 or Lane7000 Series Pinpads, you’ll be able to offer suggested percentages for those gratuities. 

New Kitchen Display System Management (QSR Integration)

Kitchen management gets easier with our new QSR integration. This integration allows you to send portions of a guest’s order to different stations in your kitchen with delayed timing as you see fit. So, you’ll still be able to send components of the order to grill stations or fry stations, but your QSR software can be configured to display no sooner than you want them to. This automation will help you remove some of the guesswork from your staff, allowing them to gain efficiencies and maintain consistent quality easier than ever.

This new integration will also help you manage courses. For example,  If your guest gives their entire order at once, your team member won’t have to remember to enter their desserts later on. Delayed firing helps you appropriately manage courses so guests can have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Enhanced Restaurant Management 

With the new QSR Integration, front-of-the-house management has also become easier with improved seat and check management to help with accurate food delivery. You can assign checks to seats or order numbers so that runners can quickly see where to deliver food rather than calling guests up to a food service window. You can even set up zones throughout the facility to help runners know exactly where they need to go no matter where guests are in the facility. And it’s not just for dining in. You can flag orders as “to go” right when they’re placed, streamlining communication between the counter and the kitchen.

New Line Item Discount Flexibility

In addition to the new possibilities in food service, you now have additional flexibility in how you offer discounts to your guests in food service or anywhere else.  Discounts can be applied to a single item in a transaction without the need for a coupon. 

For example, you might want to take a percentage off a single guest’s entree but not apply it to the entire check. Or you might want to discount an attraction for a repeat guest who brought in a group of friends. Whether it’s a percentage, such as 25% off, or even just the ability to change the price entirely, you can make that change directly into the guest’s check. This could be a great way to manage substitutions that you don’t want to charge for, for example, if you wanted to swap out avocado for chicken in a recipe without upcharging the guest for the special ingredient. Your guest will clearly see the discount on the specific item on their receipt.  

Self-service Kiosk Updates

For self-service kiosk users with the Embed integration, the kiosk now supports time play in addition to entitlement privileges. This can be for single card purchases or within packages or bundles.                                                                                                    

Incident report capability

You can now complete digital incident reports right in your software. A new tab inside a guest’s customer profile provides a form where you can record the date, time, incident details, and any measures taken. This added feature will make it much easier to maintain incident records for future reference, training, or documentation. 

What’s in your Apple Wallet?

Guests with Apple devices can now save their admission or attraction tickets to their Apple Wallet, making it easier for them to present their tickets when entering your park or attraction. 

POS Display Adjustments

Last, some display adjustments were made to the Advantage point of sale application. The POS application now scales when changing resolutions, making it essentially a full-screen application. 

If you have questions or would like training on the new features, please book your private training session now.  Ready to schedule your upgrade? Contact us at


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