In a recent feature article by LAI Games, Brand Engagement Director Sherry Howell explains the number one way FEC’s can come out on top: by instilling core values and purpose into the team that makes the magic happen every day.

Most would agree that delivering an unrivaled guest experience is a top priority in the entertainment world. But what many businesses fail to understand is that the best experience doesn’t start with your guests. It starts with leadership establishing core values and sharing those values with your team. It starts by asking yourself, “why?”

In the LAI Games article, Sherry focuses on the specific misstep she often sees in amusement facilities: a disconnect between the FEC’s vision for a magical, out-of-this-world experience, and the team members who have not been sufficiently motivated to achieve this vision.

“Of course, it’s important to give guests unique and exciting experiences with carefully planned attractions, program offerings, and food and beverage options. But those are the rules of the game,” Sherry explains. “More than that, though, it’s about the people making those experiences magical every single shift of every single day, and the best leaders are disciplined enough to pour their energy into their staff on a consistent basis.”

As a leader, it’s mission-critical to first reflect on the heart of your business. Then, you should hire, train and manage team members based on those values. Doing so will impact how your team members act and drive a more meaningful guest experience.

“The greatest leaders care about team member happiness and strive to help each staff member grow and develop. They listen, give and, perhaps more importantly take feedback well, and foster an environment where staff feel a sense of pride in their jobs and the company. But in truth,” she emphasizes, “none of that is possible unless facility leadership is clear about their purpose in the world, and the legacy they want their business to leave behind. And that they are able to articulate this purpose through not only their words but also their actions in every interaction with staff and guests. When you can be part of something bigger than yourself, that’s when the magic can truly take place. It won’t be easy. But it’s worth it.”

By creating an environment where team members feel like they can take pride in their jobs and the company, you boost your business’ chances to contend for awards like the renowned IAAPA Brass Ring Top FEC of the World — and in an industry where guests have plenty of options to choose from, widespread recognition just might provide the edge you need over your competitors.

To learn other ways to become the top FEC in the world, read the full feature here.


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