Have you ever wished that you could make your birthday reservation process more simple?  Do you have a series of activities that your birthday parties need to be booked for?  Do your employees tend to mess up your schedule by assigning the wrong parties to the wrong activities?  If so, CenterEdge Advantage has the answer for you.

The CenterEdge Birthday Reservation system has features that are specifically designed to help with this problem during the booking process.  You can define what we call a “chain” of room and activity assignments based upon the type of party and the initial room time.  For example, say someone is booking a Platinum Party in the Red Room.  We can automatically book the go kart track for 45 minutes after the room time.  Then we can offer a choice of laser tag either 15 minutes before or after the go kart time.  These chains support a virtually unlimited degree of complexity and choices.

To make the Birthday Reservation system even more powerful, we can offer the exact same set of choices to the party parent when their booking their party online.  So if the go kart track isn’t available 45 minutes after the room time, we won’t even offer the room as an option for the Platinum Party package.  We’ll also offer them their choice of laser tag times, if both of the times are available.  And since you configure both the local system and the online system in the same place, you can feel comfortable knowing that your online bookings will always work right.

If you currently have the CenterEdge Advantage system and would like to implement this more powerful birthday reservation process, please contact us at support@centeredgesoftware.com.  If not, we strongly recommend scheduling an online demo so that you can see the system in action.

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