It doesn’t matter if your business is laser tag, roller skating, trampoline parks or anything in between – one thing that every family entertainment center needs is signage. Whether you are showing concession prices above your POS, movie times in your theater, or just saying Happy Birthday to one of your party guests of honor, nothing draws a customer’s eyes like a well-designed sign.

Until recently, your options for signage were fairly limited – you could go old-school  and, if you are like me, showcase your mad stick-figure drawing chalk talents, or you could go with more expensive and unchangeable printed material. Unfortunatly, chalk/white boards get smudged and erased and over time look less professional. Printed materials are not flexible options for a changing environment like a food and drink venue, where prices, specials and menu items can change at a moment’s notice.

Enter the Digital Sign board – which is a fancy way of saying “really big TV”.  Not too long ago one of these giant high-definition screens would have cost almost as much as a new Hummer – now they can be had for less then you’ll probably spend in gasoline this summer.

Digital signs combine the best aspects of chalk boards and printed signage, with none of the drawbacks. Add some to an integrated facilities management software package, where your signs can receive up-to-the-minute data from your POS software and your party reservation software, as well as giving you the ability to add rotating graphics for sales and marketing, and you can easily turn your informational signage into a revenue generating marketing machine that talks to your customers all day long.

signageThe CenterEdge Digitial Signage system integrates with our Point of Sale Software, so your sign and your registers always have the same pricing and availability information. Digital Signs can also be interfaced with our groups and party management tools, allowing you to set up rotating screens announcing arriving birthday guests, welcoming corporate groups and advertising your awesome party package deals. They can even be set up to display your Theater movie times and special events. With an unlimited number of images that can be rotated across multiple screens, you can transform your signage into a revenue center, selling advertising space to local companies without crowding out your own message.

Unlike the chalk board, your signs are not limited by your artistic talents; they are only limited by your imagination.  

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