Every day I am surprised by the number of roller skating centers that are still operating their business using a cash register, rather than a skating software package.  The fact is, the roller skating industry needs high quality software just as much as other entertainment venues.

By utilizing a skating software suite, skate centers can significantly improve the way they manage their business.  Point of sale software can move your lines more quickly, provide much more detailed sales reporting, and do a better job of preventing employee theft.

Group sales and birthday reservation software will allow you to throw away that inefficient old scheduling book, track deposits more accurately, and create a customer database for email marketing.  On top of that, online party reservations will allow customers to book parties while you’re closed, and reduce your labor while you’re open.

If you operate a redemption arcade (we know how the kids love their plush toys!), then redemption counter software is a must.  It will drastically increase your transaction speed, accuracy, and security.  Plus, you can use the software’s inventory control features to simply inventory management, ordering, and more.

So, just because you think that you just run a “simple skating center”, don’t miss out on the opportunities that integrated skating software can provide.  It can both save you money, and help you drive more business through your doors!

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