In CenterEdge Advantage 13.4, released this Feb 24th, we’re excited to announce our wristband printer bank feature. This feature utilizes a series of several inexpensive Zebra wristband printers, each loaded with a different color wirstband, to automatically print a wristband onto a different wristband color based on the end time of the customer’s ticket.

This color-coded approach to wristband tickets is designed to simplify the process of checking capacity and ensuring that no customer is staying for longer than they paid. In a trampoline park, for example, your employees will know that all guests in orange wristbands should be off the trampolines by 2:00 and can easily check for orange wristbands at a glance. To achieve this, each end time is assigned a color. When a customer pays for a 2-hour jump, the correct color wristband is printed, based on that end time. When everyoen has a colored wristband, managing your guests is easy. No need to check barcodes, no confusion, just color coding. Not only does this system simplify Area capacity checks and enforcing expired tickets, but as multiple stations can share the same bank of printers, your site can improve efficiency without requiring new printers for each station, cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Not only does version 13.4 offer the cost saving and efficient printer bank, we’ve also added a new feature to our liability waivers to make sure that your customers actually stop and read the waiver text that you want them to read. By adding the ‘CheckBox’ and ‘EndCheckbox’ tags into your waiver text, you can now insert checkboxes directly into your Waiver document, set just to the left of whatever text you set inside those two tags. Not only do these check boxes break up your Waiver visually, making it easier for customers to read the document, it ensures that they stop and take the time to read each section, because each check box added into your waiver text must be checked in order for the customer’s electronic waiver to be submitted. Additionally, some attorneys believe that requiring a guest to check these boxes, much like initialling a paper waiver, will make the waiver just a little bit stronger.

For more information about these or any other new features in this release, see the CenterEdge Advantage version 13.4 Release Information document.

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