Everyone knows that “if your accountant ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  Well, that might not be exactly the original quote, but there is certainly still some truth to it.  At CenterEdge, we’ve always strived to make keeping the books as easy as possible, with features like our Quickbooks Interface and our fully-integrated online sales.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest headaches for accountants is dealing with sales taxes.  One tax issue that we’ve recently addressed is taxable attractions.  If you’re using tickets or wristbands, it’s always been really easy to handle, just make the item taxable at the POS.  But what if you’re using a card swipe at the attraction because you’re operating a cashless facility?

That’s why we now support making your debit card swipes tax-included.  Our software will automatically back the tax out of each and every card swipe at the station, and post everything directly to the sales tax reports.  Now your accountant doesn’t need to manually manage sales tax at your card swipes.  In fact, in states where video games are taxable you can do it for your entire arcade.

As always, we’ve continued to pay attention to your deferred revenue when processing the sales tax.  If someone buys a card at 50% off and rides a $5.00 attraction, we’ll only calculate sales tax on $2.50.

The process couldn’t possibly be made more simple.  Just run your sales tax reports at the end of the month, and mail the check.  Nothing else to it.  So if you’re ready to put a grin on your accountant’s face, contact us about upgrading to CenterEdge Advantage Release 11.2.

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