In today’s modern world, email is one of the primary forms of communication with your customers.  This holds true for your birthday party parents, too.  To that end, for several years our birthday party software has supported sending direct email to your customers.

The problem with these emails is consistency and professionalism.  There is often consistent information that you want to deliver to the party parent for every birthday party.  Plus, it would be nice to format it cleanly every time.  Wouldn’t be great if this was easier?

What many of our clients don’t realize is that our birthday party software has support for email templating.  You can easily define several different standardized emails to be sent to the birthday party parent.  With a little help from a graphic artist and/or your website designer, you can make them look very professional.  Make one for sending the initial reservation, another as a party reminder, and yet another as a thank you after the party is complete.  Some of them can even be automated so that you don’t even need to remember to hit the send button.

Now you never need to deal with your receptionist forgetting to tell the birthday party parent an important rule during the booking.  Nor do you need to deal with the party host forgetting the send the thank you email after the party is complete.  If you have any questions about how to work with email templates, please feel free to contact our support department at

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