One of the most powerful benefits of your FEC’s integrated Point of Sales System is also one of the most underutilized – data.  By properly setting up a Loyalty Program, your Online group bookings, Point of Sales transactions, even ticket redemption sales in your arcade can all be tied to your individual customers, giving you a potential gold mine of information.

The question is how do you dig that information out of your system, and once you have the data how do you use it?

One way to turn that data into profit is through data-driven marketing.  You have seen the cards at your local grocery market or big box store – whether they call it a loyalty program or a buyers club the concept is the same – track what your customers are buying and how often they visit, identify the trends and tailor your marketing efforts to reach them most effectively.   

So what is the best method for using your sales data to market to your customers?  That will depend on what your goal is.

  • Are you looking to reward your most loyal customers and increase their spend per visit?

  • Are you looking for those occasional customers to increase the frequency of their visits?

  • Are you searching for those customers who have visited once or twice that you have not seen in a few months, so you can encourage them to return or discover why they left?

These are the kinds of questions you can answer with a well-managed customer loyalty program.  This is targeted marketing to people who already know your business and are more likely to respond positively to your efforts. 


So if your current facilities management software is not giving you access to this kind of marketing data, or allowing you to easily implement a data-driven, loyalty based marketing program – maybe it is time to make a switch.  

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