Are your laser tag customers interested in their game statistics? Is it important for your laser tag software to maintain these statistics historically?  Does xxLaserBEASTxx care that he is ranked 32 spots lower than CuteKiller, even though she has played less than him?

Over the past few weeks I have asked these questions of various industry experts, and I’ve received mixed opinions.

One train of thought is that maintaining a strong loyal, returning customer base is critical; and therefore documenting and storing historical data is very important.

The other opinion is that the statistics are only important to the person at the time the game is played.  They want to know how they did against their friends, but afterwards will not be concerned with how they did against anyone else that has played that arena.

What are your thoughts?  Would your customers want to know how they compare to the rest of your customers, or will they walk away fulfilled knowing they did well against their immediate competition?

We’re in the process of finalizing development plans for a laser tag software interface which will provide us the ability to document, store and report competitive laser tag scores at arenas.  We will provide the customers with printed reports on how they performed against their specific group, but also against other players historically.  We are planning a web interface as well, where the users can log on remotely and see how they place against the Top 100.  I’m curious if this is something the laser tag industry will be interested in, or are we rowing a boat in a dry creek bed?

If it is a good idea, what other information would be good to generate?  What other means of communication would benefit the site along with the customer? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!!

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