The new Advantage Memberships provides new ways to implement meaningful membership programs for your guests and your business.

Membership programs can be a terrific way to differentiate your business from your competition, which is more important than ever during our industry’s recovery.

Our CenterEdge team has been hard at work reimagining our current Memberships and Recurring Billing offerings to give you brand new tools to help you develop, manage, and maximize your membership programs. In this three-part blog series, we’ll share these tools, a real-world client case study, and tips to help you implement your program successfully.

First up, let’s take a look at the new Advantage Memberships.

Why consider offering memberships?

Guests love membership programs that have high-value, low-risk because it’s easy to see how the membership will pay for itself, and compelling offers and perks to increase engagement.

Your business benefits from guaranteed recurring revenue, stronger guest loyalty, and more frequent guest visits, all of which can produce additional revenue. But these outcomes are only possible when programs are well-planned and thoughtfully implemented. The new Advantage Memberships makes this easy.

No. 1: Manage your programs from anywhere with a brand new online admin portal.

One of the biggest announcements is that we’ve developed a brand new online memberships admin portal, where you’ll now be able to create, implement, and maintain all of your membership plans without having to work inside Manager Console.

The new admin portal allows you to manage all of your membership offerings and individual member accounts. Check members’ account status, add or remove members, cancel, or freeze memberships for guests, all from the web.

All changes you make in the admin portal will automatically save and appear immediately on point of sale stations throughout the facility and your eCommerce site.

No. 2: Design unique membership offerings with customizable programs and plans.

As with Legacy Memberships that you might already be using, you can create different membership plans for various customer groups that visit your facility. And you can now group similar types of memberships into programs, such as toddlers’ or children’s membership programs. Set up membership details, billing term options, and how many times the system should retry a credit card after payment has failed.

Within each program type, you can set up one or more plans or tiers, which all have similar characteristics. For example, all memberships you sell in your toddler program may require a waiver and an agreement but won’t generate a membership card. Grouping plans into programs means you’ll have a faster way to build plans while ensuring you keep your offerings consistent.

You can customize each membership plan as well. For example, you could offer a simple membership that includes unlimited attractions for one individual, with an add-on price for additional members. You can also get more complex and create a family membership that automatically includes four members, charging an additional fee for add-on members up to a predefined maximum number before requiring an additional membership.

No. 3: Offer customizable billing terms to increase membership adoption.

Give your guests the option of paying for their memberships monthly, quarterly, annually, or however you see fit. Each membership can have multiple payment term options to offer flexibility.

You can even offer a special sign-up rate that defaults to a regular payment at the next billing cycle. For example, you might offer a half-price incentive or trial for just $10 for the first month, with monthly payments of $19.99 for subsequent months. Or you might wish to charge a higher price now before reducing it in following billing cycles, enabling guests to pay up-front to “lock-in” low monthly membership fees for the remainder of their term.

If guests want to add members in the middle of a billing cycle, you can give them that option, too. Your system will automatically prorate and charge the new member the prorated amount. You can even allow them to manage cancellations and renewals online if you choose. This gives your guest more flexibility and control over their experience and saves you valuable time.

Customized billing terms give your facility the flexibility to offer your memberships in innovative ways and allows your guests to choose payment terms that make sense for them.

No. 4: Eliminate confusion with new customizable membership agreements.

Provide unique plan term language for guests to review and agree to before signing up. Agreements are great to outline term length, cancellation terms, what memberships include, discounts members receive, and renewal and add-on member details, or for anything else you need new members to know before signing.

No. 5: Allow guests to purchase and manage their membership online with a new guest-facing online membership portal.

You can now give guests more ownership over their membership with a brand new guest-facing membership portal. Guests can purchase, set up, add members, select payment terms and enter ongoing payment information, complete agreements, and initiate their membership term before they ever get to your facility.

Implementing a membership program could be just the thing to help boost your facility’s recovery this year. To learn more about the new Advantage Memberships, contact us at

Learn how CenterEdge client Rev’d Up Fun implemented a strong membership program in Part Two.



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