Don’t you just love this time of year?  The doldrums of winter are fading.  The days are getting warmer…. the birds are chirping… the mosquitoes are biting.  You are just beginning to relax and enjoy the sunshine when it hits you – “SPRING BREAK” is near!!  The happy warm feeling evaporates as you start to think about all of the things that need to be done.  You need to adjust our hours of operations, change your pricing structure.   Where are those time off requests… did ALL of your employees really request the same week off?  Have you developed your specials for the holiday week?

When I ran an FEC, I had a couple of specials for everyday of the week…  Mommy’s Monday, Toddler Tuesday, Wet and Wacky Wednesday, etc.  I was always trying to drive in business at off peak hours.  During the week of spring break I want to provide some specials but not the same heavily discounted ones that were the norm.  I know that I am going to be crazy busy and want to maximize profits.  How do I accomplish all of this? If only I had a genie with a couple of extra wishes, or perhaps more practically, a software package that would help make these changes simple and efficient. 

The CenterEdge Group Scheduling software may in fact be better than a genie (and certainly easier to find).  In one application I can temporarily change my pricing structure and my party schedule without having to remember to change it back after the holiday is over.  So with a couple of mouse clicks I can take the birthday parties that are usually available only during the evenings and open up additional time slots during the Spring Break week.  The same mouse click will also allow me to change the reservation times available on the web, and even adjust my item and ticket pricing in my POS.  Then when the holiday is over everything will automatically revert to normal operational schedules and prices, and I can continue to relax and enjoy the warm sunny weather.

So the choice is yours – you can go on a desert trek in hopes of finding Aladdin’s lamp, or you can schedule a demo of the CenterEdge Group and Party Booking software and find out how it can help you maximize your profit potential.  But you need to decide soon – Spring Break is already upon you!

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